The new Fire TV has become the great alternative to Apple TV

Amazon has presented its new Fire TV, and its specifications are such that it has proven to be a real match for any TV Box. Even for Apple TV! Especially since his precio It is much cheaper than this, despite the fact that the benefits are very similar. Don’t miss a single detail!

In its presentation, Amazon took the opportunity to talk about the new TV Box that it has launched on the market and that has left the public wanting more. It has become your most popular media player powerful so far, since it has an octa-core processor. This means that, on paper, it is the twice as powerful than your previous device.

What’s more, its features are such that they have come to consider it a strong rival to Apple TV. But it is? Let’s find out!

Fire TV or Apple TV? We face them!

The truth is that, in terms of benefits, both are very similar. They offer a 4K resolutionAre compatible with HDR10 y Dolby Vision and their dimensions are very similar. Of course: the Fire TV is also compatible with HDR10+something that makes the scales balance towards him remarkably.

The design perhaps it could be decisive, in its fair measure. It is undeniable that the Apple player is much more elegant, since, despite being the same color, it is somewhat thinner. Apple knows how to do it in this regard, and we can’t argue with it! But it is also true that the new Fire TV has a backlight that will make it easy for you to see if Alexa is working, and that makes its design innovative.

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One point in favor of this Fire TV is that it has microphones that will allow you to control Alexa at all times. This will make it work practically as if it were an Echo Dot, which is almost a 2 in 1. All your devices will be one voice command away from doing what you need! Yes, it is true that the Apple TV it also allows you to use voice commands, but the devices compatible with its ecosystem are more complex to find.

The precio It can be, without a doubt, a totally decisive factor in this sense. Because while the Apple TV costs €200, the Fire TV goes down to 159 €. And that without offers, despite the fact that Amazon usually launches them from time to time, lowering their costs even more.

We have it clear

If you ask us, we will tell you that we have few doubts: we would bet on the Fire TV. Firstly for the compatibility with HDR10 +, secondly for the precio and, finally, because of the broad ecosystem with which Alexa works. Finding smart devices that work well with Siri can be quite a bit more complex.

And we haven’t added a few Fire TV details that will blow your mind! Like that it is compatible with WiFi 6E, or that its microphones they will hear you even on the other side of the wall. Of course, streaming playback will be the fastest you’ve ever tried, both due to its processor and WiFi connection. And that is something worth investing in!

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