The new generation Skoda Kodiaq is already on the roads. Photographers caught her testing

Author: Pavel Srp – Source: – Photo: Pavel Srp – 22 September 2022

Škoda will be busy in the coming years. He is preparing a lot of news. In the coming years, they will present the modernized Scala and Kamiq models, as well as new generations of Superb and Kodiaq. These cars are already being tested in real traffic on the roads. Most recently, the new generation Kodiaq was caught.

The new, second generation Skoda Kodiaq will stand on the same chassis platform MQB like the current first one, and will also get very similar body shapes. However, in the case of the car in the video, it is most likely just a test mule. The production car will get differently shaped front and rear parts, which are camouflaged in detail on the test prototypes. The front bumper is already different, the rear bumper comes from the current one Kodiaqu RS. However, the design will not yet follow the recently introduced concept Skoda Vision 7Sbut rather it will (just like the new generation Superb, which already the automaker is also testing on the roads) approximate the fourth generation of the model Octavia.

Under the hood, the latest generation of internal combustion engines, which the Volkswagen Group currently uses, are expected, but in such a way that they are able to meet the Euro 7 emission standard (but this has not yet been officially confirmed). However, we do not expect significantly more electrified drives for the new Kodiaq, after all, it was reported directly from the automaker some time ago that the plug-in hybrid system is only suitable for the Octavia and Superbnot for SUVs, and all-new models will receive a purely electric drive.

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It is still very early for the details, we will be able to buy the new generation in 2023 or 2024 at the earliest. But it will be the last presented model that will still have an internal combustion engine under the hood. All other Škoda cars will now be purely electric.

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