The new golf shoes for the 2023 season

There are also numerous new models for golf shoes this season. The range of models ranges from classic designs to sporty sneakers. Not only the upper materials differ, but also the soles of the many new golf shoes offer a large selection. Soft spikes or various spikeless variants promise a suitable variant for every taste. So that you don’t lose track of all the new releases, we have summarized the highlights of the 2023 season for you.

FootJoy relies on a range of new models

This season, FootJoy is particularly focusing on sporty models with optimal grip when golfing. In addition, the traditional brand is bringing one of its classics back onto the market with a new look. The FootJoy Tradition is now available for men and women in the nub version and in many exciting colors. Complemented by the Fuel Sport with the “spikeless” sole, FootJoy introduces two models for year-round comfort. The Fuel Sport model is also waterproof and particularly easy to clean.
The new Fuel Sport and Tradition golf shoes are available from 169 euros and 149 euros respectively.

Hyper is the motto of FootJoy’s latest spike models. If you want even more support and traction during your golf swing, you should take a look at the sporty versions of FootJoy. Behind the three new technologies Hyper Power, Hyper Control and Hyper Fit are an improved outsole, particularly strong cushioning of the lateral movement during swing and the particularly comfortable StatoFoam cushioning. The carbon variant is also reinforced with carbon in the midfoot area. All models of this year’s season are available in many colors and exciting combinations.
Depending on the variant, the Hyperflex is available for between EUR 209 and EUR 259.

Duca Del Cosma: New D-Eva sole for a light shoe and maximum comfort

Duca Del Cosma also relies on a particularly light design with the D-Eva outsole. With the weight saving, the wearing comfort should be even better and golfers should experience good performance support throughout the round. Duca also relies on a variety of designs made of high-quality nappa leather. The noble shoes in the mostly classic look are full of new technologies. The ArneFlex memory foam insole is hidden in many new models, including the Positano for men and the Alexa for women.
The new models for the 2023 season range in price from 169 to 219 euros.

PUMA Golf: Ignite Elevate combines the latest technologies

Probably the sportiest shoe in design for the 2023 season is the Puma Ignite Elevate. The spikeless shoe can definitely pass as a running shoe or sneaker and is equipped with the latest technologies from Puma. The upper made of a light mesh fabric is covered with a special TPU film, making the sporty golf shoe waterproof and particularly hard-wearing. The sole’s Ignitefoam supports the footbed and allows for great comfort and energy return in the golf swing.
The Puma Ignite Elevate are available for 154.95 euros.

Ecco Golf: New designs for best sellers

Ecco Golf is giving their popular BIOM shoes a makeover. The C4 and H4 models will be redesigned for the 2023 season and will be further improved with some changes. The breathable C4 models are now available for women and impress with waterproofing and soft springing. The Biom H4 golf shoes have been relaunched with a new upper and many new colors. The slim look in the ten range is also new, but it was important to Ecco to keep the ergonomic shape.
Ecco’s Biom models are available from 190 euros.

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