The new head of Catalonia refused to swear allegiance to the King of Spain


The new head of the keralalita (the government of Catalonia) Kim Torra took office on May 17. On the oath, he promised to faithfully perform his duties and be faithful to the “people of Catalonia”. About it informs La Vanguardia.

At the same time, Torra did not mention the Spanish king Philip VI and the Spanish constitution. The yellow ribbon was fixed on the lapel of the jacket as a sign of solidarity with the arrested activists and politicians who advocated the independence of Catalonia. It is noted that members of the Spanish government were not present at the ceremony.

Catalonia decided to secede from Spain. Photo Gallery

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Torra was elected 131-m head of Catalonia on May 14. He is a close friend of the ex-head of the Catalan nationalist Carles Puigdemona and was nominated for the elections on the list of his movement “Together for Catalonia”. Before the vote, Torra called Puchdemon “the legitimate head” of Catalonia and promised, if elected, to continue the course towards independence of the region.

Puchdemon was the key organizer of the referendum on the independence of Catalonia in October 2017. Then 90% of the Catalans supported the detachment from Spain at a turnout of 43%. The authorities of Spain declared the referendum illegal. In the region, direct management of Madrid was introduced, after which Puchdemon and part of the regional government ministers went abroad.


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