The new LG G7 ThinQ looks so unspectacular


LG is planning a new flagship smartphone for next May, the new LG G7 ThinQ at least visually hardly anyone can surprise. A few new influences have the G7 from the previous smartphones from LG, but there were also a few “foreign” influences. Of course, the Notch is on board. The area to the right and left of the front camera and the pinna provides space for notifications and other icons of the status bar of Android.
Overall, the LG G7 ThinQ but already reminiscent of the LG G6, it comes straightforward and also somewhat unspectacular. But not every smartphone needs to be colorful and eye-catching. A new feature is the power button on the right-hand side of the case. In the case of LG, this last year was housed exclusively on the back.
Image: Evleaks
On the left side of the frame, not visible in the picture, is the new AI button for the ThinQ functions and the rocker for the volume. LG only uses the fingerprint sensor and the dual camera in the back. This seems to be the end of the experiment with buttons on the back, but from the point of view of the sales figures, it never happened.
The new will be presented LG G7 ThinQ on May 3 of the year, hopefully it will not be four months later in the trade then.


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