The New Mysteries of Chartres: Author Christophe Ferré Deciphers Enigmas of the Iconic Cathedral

After his book The revelation of Chartres in 2015, Christophe Ferré, an author living near Illiers-Combray, has just published The new mysteries of Chartres a new book presented on Saturday morning at the Esperluète bookstore.

The opportunity for him to answer questions from readers, before signing his new book.

This book tries to decipher many enigmas of the cathedral. “Like the Great Pyramid of Giza, Chartres Cathedral is one of the most mysterious monuments in the world”, slips Christophe Ferré.

A real investigation

Mysteries that the author tries to unravel. “This book is an investigation, I tried to explain several mysteries, twenty-eight exactly – a nod to the department number – concerning Chartres Cathedral; I investigated and searched for answers and thanks to recent discoveries due to the restoration work undertaken in the building, I was able to find explanations and bring out new mysteries. »

In his story, many questions are addressed: that of the labyrinth, the representation of the Magi or the reasons why crucifixes are almost non-existent in the religious building.

So many enigmas around the cathedral that Christophe Ferré tries to solve over the pages of his new book.

Convenient. The revelation of Chartres published by Salvator, 224 pages, €18.

2023-05-30 04:00:00

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