The new ON DRAMA channel on Nilesat 2018


The new ON drama channel is on the NileSat. Today, the official channel of NileSat is being launched on the various channels of entertainment channels owned by Egyptian businessman Ahmed Abu Hashima. The channel has achieved popularity and great follow-up during the last period because of its offer For many of the modern and exclusive serials on their screen always, and the channel is especially broadcast HD, which makes the image quality better than the rest of the channels.
The channel was opened in the beginning of 2017, and during that period it showed many Egyptian and Turkish series and focused on the diversification between the quality of the various series.

Channel frequency on Drama
The Nilesat satellite is preparing to launch a new satellite channel that will join the world of channels specializing in Egyptian drama, on Saturday in the opening of the official broadcast of the channel on the channel of the on-channel channels deployed on Nilesat, including On Sport channel and onE channel.
the channel
Encoding rate
ON drama
2700 H 56
On Drama now offers several series, such as the series “Hkayat Girls Part III,” “Land of Joe” series, and other works presented in previous years. On Drama has achieved great public success in the months since its inception, Broadcast exclusive serials during the month of Ramadan.
The channel will offer several dramas during the coming month of Ramadan exclusively through its screen.


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