The new Opel Astra will arrive in a third body version. But it won’t be a sedan or a coupe …

Opel has confirmed that the upcoming Astra generation will be available as a five-door hatchback and station wagon. However, it seems that a third body variant is planned.

Today’s customers love various SUVs and crossovers, so the carmakers are happy to offer them to them and gradually expand their range. Some also respond by offering cars inspired by these categories, variously elevated and plasticized hatchbacks or station wagons. And according to behind-the-scenes reports, Opel is also waiting for this step.

A key novelty of Opel for 2022 is the new generation of the compact Astra model, which has so far debuted in the form of a five-door hatchback. However, the management of the brand has previously confirmed that Astra will again arrive in the form of a station wagon. And apparently, the new Astra will not stop at the two body variants, the behind-the-scenes information speaks of a third derivative.

It is developed with the internal designation OV54, but it is also called Astra Cross, which indicates its character. It is supposed to be a crossover, a car with increased ground clearance and probably also a plastic-coated body.

According to internal reports, the novelty will be based on the new Astra Sports Tourer station wagon, but it is not yet clear how much it will differ from the starting car. Whether it will be “just” an increased station wagon in the style of a larger Insignia Country Tourer, or whether it will be a real crossover, for example in the style of Kie Xceed, derived from the compact Ceed.

An interesting news is the fact that an electric drive is planned for this Astra. It is possible that this will be the only option. It would thus be part of plans to electrify the brand’s offer. Until about 2028, Opel intends to offer only electric cars in Europe.

By the way, another member of the Stellantis Group, of which Opel is a part, was also preparing a similarly designed car. The 308-based crossover was also discussed in connection with Peugeot. However, this project was apparently canceled so that the two brands of the group would not compete too much in a segment that is not so large. Instead, Peugeot is working on a similarly large SUV coupe, which could bear the designation 4008.