The new Paris Court House is already attracting the wrath of lawyers

The new Paris Court House is already attracting the wrath of lawyers

Finished the columns of the island of the City, place to the modernity of the district of Batignolles. The new Palais de Justice in Paris hosts its first hearing, Monday, northwest of the capital. Designed by Renzo Piano, the building stands in the middle of a “judicial city” that will include the new premises of the judicial police, and a House of the Bar Association. Even before the move, some of them expressed strong reservations in the media and on social networks, denouncing a “fortress” without charm and which would undermine the presumption of innocence. “For the services of permanences criminals, the JAP (judge of application of the sentences, ed ), the JLD (Judge of Freedoms and Detention, ed ), the juvenile court and the education poles, only the lawyer can access it. He undertakes not to bring any other person into these services. Trainees will not have access, “details the Paris Bar Association on his website . An unusual situation with more or less humor on Twitter by the principal concerned, who fear that the prohibition concerns students trainees in training – they are sworn in pledging to “keep the secret of all facts and deeds “of which they might know before starting their internship. For student lawyers it’s pretty simple. – Master McClane (@Maitre_McClane) April 13, 2018 The guide provided to justice professionals also mentions “traffic rules” in the new Palace. according to Release , circuits are reserved for the magistrates, while others must be borrowed by the lawyers. Each time, access badges make it possible to authorize entry into an area or not. “Where there is carpet, lawyers do not have access, it is the magistrates”, reports hearing the lawyer Laure Heinich, who was able to visit the premises in preview. Visit the new Palace: “Where there is carpet, lawyers do not have access, they are magistrates” #justice #jencroispasmesoreilles – Laure Heinich (@LaureHeinich) April 9, 2018 Progressively settled in the courts since the end of summer 2017, box glazed, leaving the defendants or defendants communicate via a microphone, have already been the subject of legal action. The site of the Batignolles does not escape the deployment of such equipment, denounced as an infringement of the presumption of innocence. A box is even completely closed, without any opening on the rest of the room, forcing the prisoner to express himself via a headset and a microphone. “Under cover of alleged security, it is actually saving police escorts”, says in a statement the Paris Bar Association, demanding the “total” dismantling of the boxes. Christian Saint-Palais, president of the Association of criminal lawyers, promises him a day of mobilization Monday, April 23, day of the first hearings in correctional. “You are kindly requested to present yourself at least one hour before the time indicated on the notice given the vigipirate plan in force”, was notified a lawyer of the Hauts-de-Seine bar in a letter published on Twitter. “To access the judicial services necessary for the exercise of their profession, the lawyers will have to pass airlocks every 10 meters and even several times per floor, quickly close the two doors that trigger an unbearable screaming siren, do not worry ‘they wait a long time because’ they will not stay all day ‘”enumerates Laure Heinich in a forum entitled” The new court of Paris, this beautiful victory of terrorism “, published by the Obs . So at the new TGI of Paris (the fortress of the Porte de Clichy) it would be necessary for outside lawyers and especially lawyers from the periphery to arrive an hour in advance? The coroners of the crown must intervene! @ barreau92 @safbobigny – beatricevoss (@encoravocat) April 15, 2018 Beyond the practical aspects, the modernity of the district of Batignolles raises a pinch in the heart among lawyers used to the Quai de l’Horloge and its view on the Seine. On social networks, many shots “farewell” to the columns of the old Palace flourished all last week. The latter were supported by Robert Badinter, former lawyer and guardian of the seals. interviewed by Paris Match “I am attached to the Ile de la Cité as ivy is to the tree, my judicial roots are there,” he says. And to predict: “This transplant will not be easy.The location of the new Palace, far from the heart of Paris, will be problematic.” Last time… #AdieuTribunalDeParis #FuckLesBatignolles – Master Pandavocate (@Pandavocate) April 13, 2018

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