the new president Mathieu Klein, mayor of Nancy, wants to get closer to the departments

The European Metropolitan Pole of the Sillon lorrain, what is it? Already, a desire since 2013 to make a cross-border living area a space for reflection on crucial issues such as mobility and health. It’s a beginning. Then, it is also a grouping of urban areas within which political sensitivities are clearly opposed, called upon to find consensus in order to advance issues that affect the inhabitants on a daily basis. And that is a reality that calls for consensus, for collaboration. Friday, May 13, during the general meeting held in Thionville, a few points were discussed, in the absence of François Grosdidier, mayor of Metz and president of Metz-Métropole, retained for personal reasons. Exit then the theme of the rise of hydrogen and its potential for economic benefits. The debates consisted of putting the RER project between Nancy and Luxembourg back on the table. Discussions with the SNCF project a timetable around 2030, with an increased frequency of trains. Not a luxury when you know that 12,000 travelers use the current TER daily, and that, according to projections, there will be many more tomorrow and the day after tomorrow. Among the subjects on which the Cluster intends to play a coordination role, figure at the head of the gondola “the mobilization of all the resources of the territory”, whether in terms of companies (start-ups), knowledge via the digital library . New president of the structure, Mathieu Klein, mayor of Nancy, at the head of the Métropole du Grand Nancy, intends to focus his mandate on “an increased rapprochement with the four departments, in complementarity with the Region, to further increase the weight of the ‘entity “.

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