The new Range Rover Sport has been delivered with a sophisticated stunt

The sporty next-generation SUV performed a breathtaking trick: it was able to climb the ramp of the Karahnjukar dam and withstand the challenge of a water flow of 750 tons per minute. The loss of traction would have jeopardized the sinking of a dangerous 90-meter slope at the bottom of the dam and all the way to the bottom of the valley.

The successful ascent of the dam was demonstrated for the first time at the exclusive launch event of Jaguar Land Rover at the Advanced Product Development Center in Gaidon, UK. Jessica Hawkins, the official stuntman of James Bond’s character, sat behind the wheel as the new-generation Range Rover Sport demonstrated the car’s grip, handling, performance and undisturbed peace, completing a series of challenges for the sporty relative of the recently introduced Range Rover, Sport.

Previous generations of British SUVs have withstood a number of challenging challenges: they have hit record-breaking Pikes Peak, one of the world’s largest sand deserts in the world, Rub al Khal, also known as the Empty Quarter, in the south of the Arabian Peninsula. China climbed 999 stairs to Tiananmen Gate Mountain in China.

“The next-generation luxury and dynamic Range Rover Sport SUV is the most desirable, technologically advanced and powerful model. It combines many advantages: both a solid appearance and instinctive driving. This is due to the state-of-the-art combination of suspension technology, which has never been used in Land Rover models.

The new Range Rover, launched at the beginning of the year in the Baltics, has already been an exceptional success, so I have no doubt that the Range Rover Sport will follow in its footsteps, ”said Justė Jarušė, Jaguar Land Rover’s Head of Business in the Baltics.

Great foundation

The new Range Rover Sport is built on the advanced, flexible Land Rover Modular Longitudinal Platform (MLA-Flex), which provides the car with an excellent structural foundation for exceptional dynamics and other benefits. Its range of powerful and efficient powertrains includes two mains-operated hybrid systems with six-cylinder petrol engines. As a result, the car travels up to 113 km on electricity alone, with CO2 emissions of just 18 g / km.

For drivers with other needs, the new 530 hp V8 Twin Turbo engine is as powerful as a sports car, with up to 100 km / h. accelerates in just 4.5 seconds with Dynamic Launch. Powerful and efficient soft hybrid petrol and diesel power systems are also available, and by 2024. a fully electric version of the new SUV will be offered.

The new Range Rover Sport is the most dynamic version of the Land Rover luxury SUV. Thanks to the new intelligent all-wheel drive and the application of state-of-the-art technology, the new SUV will also show a wide range of possibilities far from paved roads.

The new Range Rover Sport’s first-ever adaptive off-road cruise control system will help drivers drive in difficult terrain and maintain a steady pace based on ground conditions. Drivers can choose from four comfort levels, and the system will intelligently adjust the speed, allowing it to focus exclusively on driving the vehicle.

The new Range Rover Sport will be available in S, SE, HSE and Autobiography specification levels, and a special First Edition kit will be offered during the first year of production.

The novelty will debut

The instinctive response to driver action and the agility of the new SUV on the road is determined by a set of technologies controlled by Land Rover’s integrated chassis control system. The newly offered Stormer Handling Pack includes the best combination of chassis technology on offer. It provides the most dynamic and agile management.

With this package, the car is equipped with Dynamic Response Pro, all four steering wheels, electronic active differential with torque direction control during braking and configurable driving programs.

Dynamic Response Pro is a 48-volt electronic active body tilt control system capable of adapting up to 1,400 Nm of torque to each axle. This gives a feeling of safe driving and a new level of control over body movements. All-wheel drive helps achieve unrivaled agility and maneuverability at low speeds and excellent stability when traveling fast.

In addition, the manufacturer of the new Range Rover Sport introduces for the first time the Dynamic Air Suspension variable air spring system. The all-in-one intelligent system expands the suspension’s range by adjusting the pressure in the special airbags to deliver the traditional comfort and dynamic handling expected of a sporty SUV.

To optimize suspension response, the vehicle itself monitors the road ahead and uses eHorizon navigation data to prepare the car for future turns.

Cleverly personalized

The dramatic proportions accentuate the sensual exterior of the Range Rover Sport, which stands out with its precise shapes, dynamic posture and instantly recognizable profile.

The refined design is also visible in the brand new interior. The new interpretation of the traditional Range Rover Sport driver’s workplace now resembles the cockpit of a sports model, using state-of-the-art comfort and driving assistance technologies and high-quality equipment.

Land Rover’s powerful electrical architecture supports a seamlessly integrated technology ecosystem, including remotely downloadable software updates. Smart technology supports remote upgrades to the car’s 63 electronic modules, so the new Range Rover Sport will remain at the forefront of cutting-edge innovation, state-of-the-art technology and services for the rest of its life.

The award-winning Pivi Pro multimedia system features a high-resolution 13.1-inch touchscreen. It is located in the center of the modernist-style instrument panel. The system, which embodies an intuitive personal assistant, allows you to control everything from navigation to media and vehicle settings. It memorizes user habits to cleverly personalize car options.

The Meridian Signature Sound System is the most advanced and powerful sound system ever installed in the Range Rover Sport. It consists of up to 29 speakers, including four headrests, to create personal sound areas for the four main passengers in the cabin. A new generation of active noise reduction, which reduces the number of outside sounds in the cabin, also plays a role here.

The new Range Rover Sport, like the recently introduced next-generation Range Rover, will be produced exclusively at the Solihalo plant in the UK, the company’s historic manufacturing site. The new Range Rover Sport will start at € 98,550.