The new Range Rover Sport is also emerging. Take a look at the footage from testing

The new Range Rover will soon be complemented by a derived Range Rover Sport. His prototypes are already on the move, for example also on the North Loop of the Nürburgring.

In the coming months, Land Rover will gradually change its largest luxury models in the Range Rover range. The new fifth-generation Range Rover has already debuted, followed by the derived Range Rover Sport, a sportier derivative of both design and character. The attached video shows that the novelty is already being carefully tuned.

The video captured the car, among other things, on the North Loop of the Nürburgring, where the chassis of new cars are traditionally tuned. However, the fast wheels did not happen this time, also due to the worse weather.

According to the author of the video, the footage shows the Range Rover Sport SVR sports derivative, under the hood of which a 4.4-liter eight-cylinder fork with two turbochargers supplied by BMW is expected, as part of Jaguar Land Rover’s cooperation with this German carmaker. In this case, it could be tuned to some 600 hp (447 kW), which on the one hand will be more than its predecessor, whose five-liter compressor eight-cylinder still originating from Ford reached 423 kW, on the other hand, it will not endanger the BMW X5 M Competition with the same 4.4 liters tuned to 460 kW.

However, we do not know more information about the new Range Rover Sport, for example, the design is still carefully hidden under a thick layer of camouflage. However, the car will probably differ from the fifth generation of the Range Rover not only by its sportier appearance, but also by other details. It seems that the headlights and taillights will be designed differently. That is, if their shape does not camouflage the prototype well.

In any case, the technical basis of the upcoming third generation Range Rover Sport will be the same as for the new Range Rover. This means the MLA-Flex architecture using a clever combination of materials for the lowest possible weight and at the same time the highest possible rigidity of the structure. In addition, it is adapted to electrified drives, so even in the case of the Sport, the use of mildhybrid three-liter six-cylinder as well as a pair of plug-in hybrids is expected.

While the Range Rover 5 has already debuted, we will wait a few more months for the new Range Rover Sport. Its discovery is not expected until the second half of 2022.