The new Range Rover Sport was presented in Vilnius

“The new generation model best reveals the full potential of the manufacturer. Whether evaluating the technologies implemented in it, or expanded off-road abilities, or design and comfort solutions – in each area, it can be confidently stated that this is the most advanced and most capable Range Rover Sport ever created, – noted the sales manager of Jaguar Land Rover in the Baltic States Vita Ryliškė.

The latest generation Range Rover Sport was revealed to the participants of the event at the center of creativity and innovation “Link Art Factory”. The guests who came to the celebration could momentarily feel as if they had entered another planet – the spacious room was decorated with decorations imitating mountains and volcanic stones.

During the event, the interior space of the building was noticeably changed. Even the furniture was decorated according to the chosen theme of extraterrestrial objects and phenomena. The car was also hidden under an art installation resembling a volcanic mountain, which was broken into separate pieces the moment it was revealed. During the music, the installation was dismantled by the artists of the urban dance theater “Low Air”, who demonstrated incredible body plasticity and grace.

During the ceremonial unveiling, a new track specially prepared for the debut of the Range Rover Sport was played by one of the most famous DJs in the country, Leon Somov. The talented electronic music composer performed this piece himself and, together with the impressive laser show, created an atmosphere perfectly suited to the theme of the evening. The impression was enhanced by the special effects-adjusted voice coming through the speakers – he replaced the usual host of the event.

During the presentation of the latest Range Rover model, a unique exhibition of jewelry by Ben Staškauskas was also shown. This craftsman was not chosen by chance – all the items presented in the improvised exhibition were made of volcanic stones and silicone. Together, these two materials give the products a unique texture.

Combined comfort and dynamism

The Range Rover Sport is the British car manufacturer’s most dynamic model, designed for drivers who love the ultimate in immersive driving. In order to preserve the highest level of comfort, significant improvements have been made to the new generation model. One of them was the construction of various metal alloys (MLA-Flex), which allowed up to 35 percent. increase body stiffness.

Exceptional cornering stability is ensured by active stabilizers controlled by the 48-volt system. The latter can withstand a torque of up to 1,400 Nm, so drivers will be able to feel calm about the off-road capabilities, even when cornering at higher speeds.

The most important improvement in the chassis of the new generation Range Rover Sport is the dynamically controlled new generation air suspension. According to the sensor data, the stiffness of the special springs can be changed instantly to ensure the highest level of comfort and dynamic driving characteristic of the brand.

The new shock absorbers with double-valve springs comfortably dampen the vibrations of the body. The system monitors various external factors and recalculates operating characteristics up to 500 times per second based on sensor data. This allows the active suspension parts to match other technologies very precisely and ensure the best dynamic properties.

Hybrid power plants and unique solutions

The wide range of electrified powertrains offered for the new generation Range Rover Sport SUV results in sustainable dynamism. The most powerful P510e plug-in hybrid model is equipped with a 3-liter six-cylinder Ingenium gasoline engine, a 105 kW electric motor and a 38.2 kWh battery. The total power of the system reaches 510 hp, and from 0 to 100 km/h. such an SUV accelerates in just 5.4 seconds.

An equally important indicator is that a distance of 113 kilometers can be traveled using electricity alone. Tests carried out under real conditions showed that, regardless of the intensity of traffic and weather conditions, the smallest distance that can be covered by electricity alone is 88 kilometers.

Using the internal combustion engine as well, the Range Rover Sport plug-in hybrid could cover 740 kilometers non-stop. Average CO2 emissions are estimated to be only 18 g/km. The P440e version is slightly inferior to the most powerful plug-in hybrid in terms of technical indicators.

The Range Rover Sport remains one of the best off-road capable SUVs out there. Drivers will be given additional confidence by the new generation Terrain Response 2 system, which intelligently selects the most suitable options based on the terrain.

The new model also debuts a unique technology – adaptive cruise control off-road. After setting one of the four comfort options, the car rolls at a constant speed, and the driver can focus only on controlling the trajectory.

It will remain technologically advanced throughout its lifetime

The Range Rover Sport became the first mass-produced car to feature a continuous LED contour on its body. Thanks to this technology, the model has become even brighter and easier to recognize when viewed from any angle.

Thanks to the new generation active noise reduction system, the car’s passengers can always easily talk to each other, regardless of the driving speed. Inside, there is also an advanced air purification system. Particle filtration and air ionization technologies allow extremely effective removal of unpleasant odors, reducing the amount of bacteria, allergens and viruses.

Range Rover Sport drivers will also no longer need to visit the service center for each software update. The new architecture of electrical equipment will allow remote updating of the software of as many as 63 different modules, so the car will remain technologically advanced for the entire period of operation, and users will be able to use the latest services.

Information about the car and all the entertainment are available through the wraparound high-resolution 13.1-inch touchscreen and the 13.7-inch interactive dashboard. The Pivi Pro multimedia system will understand the user’s habits and intelligently personalize the most important options.

Apple CarPlay or Android Auto apps on all Range Rover Sport models can now be controlled by activating the interface remotely. You will no longer need to connect a cable, and the phone can be placed on a 15W wireless charger.

The new Range Rover Sport can be ordered at the Land Rover dealership now, the price of the car starts at 95,750 euros.