The new rules for back to school

It is this Monday that the presential return to classes in Portugal begins. The doubts are many and the fears of the parents towards COVID-19 also and in this sense there are awareness campaigns on the part of the Government.

In order to help and understand the new rules for returning to school, the Ministries of Education and Health shared videos and a poster.

In the middle of a pandemic and after much discussion, the face-to-face classes will even start tomorrow. At this point there are many doubts and questions about how everything will work. To help parents and students, the Ministries of Education and Health have made videos and a poster available that bring together all the information they need to know.

The new back to school rules

Information for pre-school and 1st cycle students

The first video is aimed at pre-school and 1st cycle students. The video shows 5 rules that students will have to comply with:

  • 1) Wash your hands very well (in the most diverse situations)
  • 2) Even with clean hands, they should not touch the mouth and nose
  • 3) When sneezing or coughing, cover your mouth with your arm
  • 4) If you are sad or angry, do not be afraid to say
  • 5) If you have headaches or feel tired you should also say

Information for Primary and Secondary Education Students

  • 1) Circulate through the marked routes
  • 2) Comply with the rules of breaks and breaks
  • 3) The library, cafeteria and bar have new rules
  • 4) Classrooms may be different and schedules may be different
  • Always wear a mask
  • Disinfect and wash your hands often
  • Avoid touching surfaces
  • Do not share objects or food
  • No hugs and kisses

There is also a poster that presents 7 recommendations that students should not forget.

# EscolaEmSegurança: The new rules for returning to school

To refer to that each school will have autonomy to define its own rules. There are, however, some mandatory measures such as the use of a mask by teachers and students from the 5th year onwards, throughout the school space (and not just and only inside the classroom). It should be noted that in Madeira the mask is mandatory from 6 years old. Regarding masks, the Government will give 3 masks, each of which can be used for 25 days and can be washed. With the three masks, the student will have protection at this level during the first period.

Parents cannot enter school and even in preschool they will have to deliver the children to the door. Only in very particular cases will parents be able to wear a mask. DGS also recommends that the intervals have the shortest possible duration. Students will not be able to move freely throughout the school space. They will be organized by groups or groups that will function as “bubbles”. Each class will have a single room and each student will use the same work desk / seat. Inside the classroom, students should be at least 1 meter away.

The first week will serve to recover the “missing material” and revisions. This first week will also help students, staff and teachers find the best ways to protect COVID-19.

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