The new Samsung phones will allow handheld authentication

The new Samsung phones will allow handheld authentication

A new patent demanded by Samsung shows a new technology – palm reading authentication.

In the future, “palm reading” will not mean going to fortune telling the future but the method by which any user will be able to unlock their mobile phone.
It is not yet known when Samsung will apply the new technology for which it has not yet obtained approval, but it should be used as a backup method if the user forgets his password.
By scanning the palm of your hand and recognizing the unique drawing that lines the lines, the algorithm will allow you to identify the user and help you remember the forgotten password.
The technology will use augmented reality to overlay the letters in the password over the image with the palm lines. These letters will help the user to remember their password, writes Daily Mail.

The method will not be used by hackers, because the technology will not reveal the entire password, but will give just a few clues.
If the new patent is obtained, Samsung will still have an authentication technology along with the ones currently in use: facial scanning, iris scanning, fingerprint scanning, PIN code.
The new system can also be used for other applications, including Samsung pay.

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