The new South Park movie arrives in June

The creators of the 25-season-running legendary South Park cartoon series, Matt Stone and Trey Parker, announced last August that they had signed a $ 900 million contract with 14 media outlets to Viacom / CBS. The first two films were released last year on the company’s Paramount + streaming platform, Post-Covid and Return of the Covid.

The third film had to wait half a year and seems to be finally breaking away from the subject of the pandemic as well. The super-short preview reveals that the premiere date is June 1, the title of Streaming Wars, and Eric Cartman is still just as annoying as it has ever been in the last 25 years.

Nor does the official description reveal much more, according to which the conflict between Cartman and his mother will escalate to epic proportions, and ultimately the mere existence of the city of South Park will be at stake. In any case, the title suggests that the battle that has dominated the entertainment industry over the past few years between Netflix, Amazon, Disney, HBO, Apple and others will be the target of the usual, not-so-refined humor.

Paramount + is not currently available in Europe (although there are promises to expand), so it is not known when and where the film will be officially available from Hungary.