The new striker of the Red Army: Fight for more honors for the team. Take Suarez as an example? ? ? _Nunez_Liverpool_From

Original title: The Red Army’s new striker: Fight for more honors for the team, taking Suarez as an example? ? ?

Today, Liverpool announced the signing of Nunes from Benfica for £85m. The deal broke Liverpool’s all-time transfer fee record (Van Dijk, £75m) and Nunes became the Reds’ new champion. The 22-year-old striker was interviewed by Liverpool officials after arriving at the team.

When asked why he chose to go to Liverpool, Nunes said: “I played against Liverpool and watched a lot of Liverpool games. This team has many high-level players and the style of the game suits me. So I want to come here and do my best to help the team.” For Nunes, it’s a joy to be part of a great club like Liverpool

Every recruit from Liverpool visits the team’s honours room, and Nunes is no exception. After seeing the trophies the team has won and learning about the franchise’s long history, Nunes hopes to make himself a part of it through dedication.Winning more trophies and titles is Nunes’ goal at Liverpool

Nunes doesn’t seem to feel the pressure to go to a big club like Liverpool, he thinks the pressure he gets as a player only comes from himself. “I want to keep myself in good shape and be on the right track, while always being humble and down-to-earth,” he said.

Uruguay star Suarez, a compatriot of Nunes, also played for Liverpool and performed very well. Nunes admitted that while he has yet to contact Suarez, he is sure to ask the elder many questions to get support and help. For Nunes, Suarez is an absolute example, both for club and for the national team.Return to Sohu, see more


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