The new urban project at Carré de Soie in Villeurbanne

Its name: “stage 22D”. Its new transitional urban planning project initiated by the Métropole de Lyon. This new space located at the Carré de Soie in Villeurbanne will host various economic and hospitality activities.

About twenty buildings, 4 hectares and 33,000m² of buildings. This is the new acquisition of the Métropole de Lyon. The policy of “transitional urbanism” allows Grand Lyon to exploit empty and abandoned spaces. These sites are then used to meet the needs of the territory and the inhabitants. It is within the framework of this objective that the first phase of “stage 22” fits: the Manufacture of active mobility, a new space dedicated to the design of bicycles which should boost industrial ambition in this sector.

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The other development projects are still under discussion. The president of the Metropolis of Lyon, Bruno Bernard (EELV), spoke during the inauguration of the factory, the creation of emergency housing for refugees, and particularly Ukrainians. The area’s associations should also benefit from the many offices, halls and workshops.

This place, straddling Villeurbanne and Vaulx-en-Velin, will be operated by Lyon Metropolis for five years in order to launch the economic activities that will develop there.