The new version of PS5 may be launched, netizens say that it has obtained Japan’s wireless signal certification – Hong Kong

Last year, it was rumored that Sony would produce a PS5 console using TSMC’s 6nm process in 2022, but recently it has been reported that the new version of the PS5 has obtained Japan’s wireless signal certification.

Twitter user @Renka_schedule has released the certification documents related to the Japanese Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications of the new PS5. Since the PS5 host model currently on the market is CFI-1100, it is estimated that this CFI-1200 has been certified by wireless signals in April. , will be the upcoming new version of the PS5 console.

It is not uncommon to launch a new version of the PS5 console. Sony also launched the CFI-1100 model last year to replace the original CFI-1100. In addition to reducing the weight by 300g, it also improved the design of the screws and base to make the PS5 more stable when standing. . Therefore, even if the specifications of the CFI-1200 are not announced, there is a good chance that the CFI-1200 will be the same as the previous generation, with only minor changes to the current model.

Sony earlier announced that it sold 11.5 million PS5s in the fiscal year ending in 2019, about 3 million fewer than the 14.8 million expected. Officials say that the PS5 is currently facing a shortage of production due to insufficient supply of chips. There is a shortage of supply. It is expected that the shortage of supply will gradually improve in the second half of this year.

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