the new Xiaomi Pad 5 tablet available for pre-order

On AliExpress, from September 23 to 24, benefit from a reduction of 130 € on the new Xiaomi Pad 5 tablet available for pre-order. Its release date is eagerly awaited, the tablet is designed to be versatile, it is suitable for entertainment or work. Like all products from the Xiaomi brand, the Pad 5 is offered at a very good price-performance ratio and taking advantage of the promotion will save you even more!

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Xiaomi unveils its Pad 5 tablet which has a solid technical sheet compared to its price. This mini-priced device competes with the iPad and promises a premium experience. On the AliExpress site you can buy it cheaply and this is great news for all those who are eagerly awaiting this new model!

AliExpress is a reliable site where you can order Xiaomi brand products, payment is secure to ensure the safety of financial information, and payment is only released when you have confirmed receipt of the package and expressed satisfaction. Most tablets are made in China, which is why you will find attractive prices on the AliExpress website. These devices are the flagship product of the e-commerce site.

The delivery time in France is only 3 days for the purchase of the Xiaomi tablet. In order to speed up the receipt of parcels, AliExpress has developed a network of partners throughout France. At the time of your order, the price of VAT is included, the delivery of your package will be carried out under the best conditions and without surprises.

Xiaomi Pad 5: the new tablet at a mini price on AliExpress

Xiaomi returns to the tablet market with a model that competes with premium tablets with a much higher price tag. Its design is similar to what we are used to seeing at Apple or Samsung with thin borders and a minimalist style. The device is compatible with a stylus (Smart Pen).

During this pre-order period, its price is from € 299 instead of € 427.14 and by using a promo code you will drop the price a little more. For the 6 + 128 GB model, benefit from -30 € with the code MI30 and use the code MI50 to deduct 50 € from your order if you choose the 6 + 256 GB smartphone.

An affordable, efficient and elegant price

The Pad 5 tablet features a high-resolution 11-inch screen with a 120Hz refresh rate to achieve an always smooth picture. Support for Dolby Vision ensures a viewing experience worthy of the name! You can watch movies, videos, pictures in very good conditions. The device is equipped with the Snapdragon 860, the performance of this tablet is clearly there for playing games or surfing the web.

The 8720 mAh battery provides long battery life and can go up to 16 hours of continuous video playback. Using wireless magnetic charging, the battery recharges in just 18 minutes, and a 10-second charge allows the tablet to be used for 20 minutes, which can come in handy in some situations. The audio system is made up of 4 speakers with incredible stereo sound, whether your tablet is in landscape or portrait mode you will enjoy quality sound. Creatives will love this tablet, using the stylus we can draw and write to bring all our ideas to life. Note: the stylus is sold separately.

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