The “New York Times” devotes its front page to appeasement between Joe Biden and Emmanuel Macron

The American daily wished to salute the reconciliation between the two heads of state, the day after their meeting and the regrets expressed by Joe Biden about the submarine affair.

Arm in arm, arm in arm. In the aftermath of the semblance of MEA culpa by Joe Biden on the submarine affair, the starting point of a major diplomatic crisis, the New York Times wanted to illustrate, this Saturday, the warming of relations between the American president and his French counterpart, Emmanuel Macron. The New York daily published in a front page the cliché of an apparently friendly hug between the two men, who met on Friday, on the sidelines of the G20 organized this weekend in Rome.

The photo, colored in the middle of the traditional long inked columns, is very symbolic: relations between the two shores of the Atlantic were at a standstill during the month of September, when the “contract of the century” with Australia had escaped to France for the benefit of the United States. “By meeting Macron, Biden strives to strengthen ties,” nevertheless tempers the title of today’s edition.

A “trust process” that remains to be built

Because, for the moment, the act of contrition of the tenant of the White House has not raised the shade on certain subjects. If Joe Biden has undeniably taken a step in the direction of Emmanuel Macron, our political columnist Ulysse Gosset notes that the American president also used a certain nuance in the remorse he expressed:

“He admits that the Americans were clumsy, that they lacked elegance. But he adds in the direction of Emmanuel Macron: ‘I thought you had known for a long time.’ In reality, Biden is discarding on the Australians. . “

Also, the initiated “trust process” awaits new milestones. “For Emmanuel Macron, at the end of his term, to suffer such a failure, such a snub, it fell rather badly. He needed this image, certainly very staged, of a Joe Biden who comes to make his apologies. will not repair the contract of the century “, comments our political columnist Bruno Jeudy.

After the words, then place for actions. What Emmanuel Macron summed up himself on Friday evening: “We are rebuilding confidence. He is in confidence as in love, statements are good, evidence is better.”

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VIDEO – In the Vatican, Joe Biden and Emmanuel Macron display their reconciliation: