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Bioginnastica Lifestyle – It is a methodology that works on postural rebalancing, placing psychophysical well-being in its totality in the foreground. Ideal for athletes who want to work on posture to improve performance, but also for those who have some physical pain, for those who have suffered a trauma, or for those who suffer from anxiety, stress, panic attacks. At RiminiWellnes the discipline was presented in the “Bioginnastica Lifestyle” version, to better appreciate one’s vital faculties in synergy with the biorhythms of life.

Pilates e sliding disks – Pilates is enriched with another destabilizing tool: the slinding disk, on which to test the sense of balance, posture and the good hold of the abdominal belt, essential to keep upright on a kind of crescent that promises to commit to I also fund those who have good proprioceptive abilities.

Bodyfly Bamboo – BodyFly ™ is a holistic discipline that connects mind, body and emotions to create a single “body that flies”. Born from the intuition of Gennaro Setola, it combines five thematic areas, the result of the combination of the functional approach adopted in the West with the five elements of traditional Chinese medicine (metal, fire, wood, earth and water) and is suitable for all those who would like have more body awareness. The BodyFly Bamboo version proposed at the Fair used a bamboo rod with a diameter of 3.5 cm and 180 cm in length.

Yoga yes, but Antigravity –This particular style of yoga is more and more popular, the latest born in chronological order from the meeting of the millenary oriental wisdom with the western imagination; it is practiced with the help of special “hammocks” thanks to which you can challenge the force of gravity, even assuming acrobatic positions which, in conditions of normal weight, are forbidden to those who are not very experienced.

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BeerYoga – Still in the yoga field, an apparently unorthodox duo comes from California: yoga practice is done while sipping a beer. The techniques and positions are those of classic yoga, but adding a few sips of beer from time to time to help meditation, stimulate the mind and more easily reach the perception of higher consciousness.

The Cage Training – Still acrobatics, but definitely more “muscular” thanks to this particular tool in which up to ten athletes can train at the same time. The Cage Training is a modular and completely demountable structure: once unfolded it has the dimensions of 2.30 meters (height), 1 meter (width), 1 meter (length). The structure allows you to train free body by crossing all dimensions of movement at 360 degrees, with many areas of application, such as yoga, calisthenics, acrobalance and stretching.

The experiential ride – Cyclex®, partner of Technogym, is a revolutionary training program on a stationary bike. Combine pedaling with a total body workout on the bike, offering a group experience like a real journey into music, lights, in a pleasant combination of dance, fitness, video and emotional group experience, always pedaling.

Synchronized movement and music for a Strong Nation ™ – Strong Nation ™ is a discipline that combines body weight, muscle conditioning, cardio and plyometric training (which aims to increase the power of certain muscle groups) with movements that have been designed to perfectly synchronize with the music. Train your whole body, taking advantage of the guidance of music.

Superjump Supersonica – At Riminiwellness it was Jill Cooper herself who presented the new training session of her invention; Superjump is a cardiovascular workout that, in addition to acting on muscle tone, drains, improving microcirculation. Usually you train on a trampoline, but in the new version it is also done on the ground.

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Semisfere nei pants – And if we want a super energizing massage without resorting to an operator, here are the new Freddy garments with aluminum hemispheres inserted in some points of his garments: in contact with the body by stimulating the meridians of our body, activating our energy map and thus producing a feeling of lightness and physical balance.