Marine Le Pen was in Cublac, Corrèze on October 12, where she attended a new flag party. The opportunity for her to explain for the first time since the aggravation of his indictment in the case of parliamentary assistants of the National Assembly in the European Parliament.

This indictment, now qualified in "embezzlement of public funds" by justice "does not move me because I know we are totally innocent of the facts we are accused of, so I am quite serene," she told reporters.

"It's true that persecutions are piling up on us," she continued. And to add: "before it was one a month, then one a week, there, at the moment it's one a day, so (…), signal to everyone and especially to our adversaries: they will not intimidate us. "

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Society : global warming at the heart of dozens
of marches this Saturday, October 13: "There is still time to do something",
said thousands of citizens today in the streets of major cities of France.

Policy : The Socialist Party at the bottom of the hole … After Emmanuel Maurel, another personality of the left wing, Marie-Noëlle Lienemann, threw in the towel today after 46 years of militancy.

Cycling : The French cyclist, Thibault Pinot, has
won the Tour of Lombardy, one of the great classics of the circuit. A race
which marks the end of the season every year. This victory is a historic achievement since the last time a Frenchman won the Tour of Lombardy was in 1997 with a certain Laurent Jalabert.

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