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The news of 7am: "I cross the street, I find you a job", launches Macron

Decidedly the French love their heritage. This is confirmed again this weekend on the occasion of the 35th edition of Heritage Days. 17,000 sites are open everywhere in the country. Yesterday, the Elysee especially attracted the large crowd. It was necessary to wait several hours to put a foot in the presidential palace. The opportunity for some to meet the head of state in the gardens of the Elysee.

Emmanuel Macron answered a young horticulturist who told him desperately looking for a job. "If you are ready and motivated, in the hotel, cafes, catering, building, there is not a place where they do not say they are looking for people, "he assured.

"Honestly, hotels, cafes restaurants, I cross the street, I find you. They just want people who are willing to work, with the constraints of the job. You go to Montparnasse, you make a street with all the cafes and restaurants, frankly, I'm sure there is one in two that is recruiting right now. "

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International – After hitting the north of the Philippines, and at least 25 dead, the super typhoon Mangkhut set sail for the coast of southern China where gusts could reach up to 180km / h.

International – In the eastern United States, the storm Florence has done according to the authorities at least 12 dead. After the heavy rainsthere is now a flood alert.

Society – Paris organizes the 4th day without a car from 11 am to 6 pm Traffic is prohibited throughout the capital except for buses, taxis and emergency vehicles.

Soccer – PSG is leading the Ligue 1 with already 5 points ahead of his first pursuer, Lille, winner in Amiens last night, 3 goals to 2. Toulouse is behind after a draw, 1 everywhere against Monaco. Dijon is 4th, despite a defeat on his lawn, 3 to 1 against Angers. Draw between Montpellier and Strasbourg, 1 everywhere. Still a draw for Lyon and Caen, who were separated by a score of 2 to 2.

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