the news on its conditions

TORINO – Good news regarding Cristiano Ronaldo, who had left the training field early today after injuring his right arm due to a fortuitous clash with Alex Sandro. Juventus let it be known that there is nothing to worry about and that both in the case of the Portuguese and in the case of Morata (he worked separately) and Chiellini (he too had finished the session early) there are no worries whatsoever. Unavailable for the match against Empoli, at the moment, are only Arthur, Ramsey and Kaio Jorge. Ronaldo – who initially caught the eye yesterday because he seemed to train and run a bit isolated from the others but who actually interacted well and showed a desire to show off – could start starting this time (maybe in 4-4- 2 tried yesterday, as a more central point than usual). Obviously assuming that the market does not get in the way. The City chapter is not closed yet.

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Ronaldo interrupts the training, the news on his condition

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