The newspaper ‘Diena’ will no longer be published on Mondays

From July, the newspaper “Diena” will no longer be published on Mondays, continuing to be published four times a week, the newspaper readers said in a statement.

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“Our goal remains the same – we want to keep you fully informed about current developments in Latvia and the world. (…) Unfortunately, due to circumstances beyond our control, our work does not reach readers. Mondays had become critical. We “We can’t change it, but we want to do everything we can for the benefit of our readers, and we do it,” the newspaper said in a statement.

The newspaper promises that in the future it will be thicker on Thursdays and Fridays and with several thematic innovations.

The newspaper “Diena” has been published since November 1990. It is currently published by SIA Izdevniecība Dienas mediji, owned by Edgars Kots. According to the information of “”, the company’s financial data for the previous year are not yet available, but in 2020 it would operate with a turnover of 1.63 million euros and a loss of 410,000 euros.