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The Next Limits to Cannabis Vapes: Mood-Specific Formulas

As with any form of ban, once the locks are open, there is an inevitable wave of enjoyment. In recent years, ever stronger oils and concentrates have emerged. But as the party smoke becomes clear, it changes. People are exploring various cocktails and new connections with the goal of choosing the effects to achieve exact moods and experiences. This can be as vague as "party" or as specific as lucid dreams. The problem is that we are probably still years (or decades) away from making such claims with a degree of confidence. At least in a way that would be worthy of the FDA's stamp.

Close up with vape pen filled with THC oil concentrate

Cannabis is a complex plant, as we know. "So maybe there are about 140 more cannabinoids or cannabinoids derived from plants, and THC and CBD are the two best studied, but there are at least 130 more," says Piomelli, a professor at the University of California Irvine and co-chair of the Center for the Study of Cannabis in an interview with Engadget.

These are many connections in a facility about which we do not know much. But that does not stop people from trying. Strains that are high in the other around 130 cannabinoids are not common, but expect this to change in the future. Cannabis companies are now experimenting in three ways: the ratio of THC to CBD, with terpenes and other elements already in the plant, and with additional non-cannabis additives.

Manipulating cannabis is nothing new. For decades, plants such as dogs have been bred to increase their effectiveness and impact. Who has already seen? Narcos: Mexico will know that even the famous "Sensimilla" (essentially a "seedless" cannabis plant) is a by-product of human botanical intervention.

The Golden cut

THC is undoubtedly the star of the cannabis show. It is what has brought mankind to the plant at all. Their effects are unmistakable and for the most part pleasant. CBD is the next known cannabinoid and one that is currently exploding into the mainstream thanks to the recent Farm Bill. It is the balance of these two compounds that gave the first indication that the effects of cannabis can be adjusted.

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<p>"Mixing THC with something else will affect THC's actions," Piomelli said. "CBD has a modulating property in terms of what THC does, so people talk about the entourage effect." This entourage effect is the reason why percentages or ratios of THC and CBD appear on the packaging of your vape cartridge. THC is known to be the part that lifts you up, while CBD effects are less concrete. Usually, they are calm, reduce anxiety, or prepare you for sleep (among many others). The problem is that almost nothing is known about what different circumstances could actually achieve. Not least because everyone reacts differently.</p>
<p>According to Ray, experimenting is the best choice. "I think one of the challenges of cannabis and CBD is adjusting your personal formula," he says. "People still have to go through it until they find out what works best for them." Fortunately, there are many products in a variety of ratios and dosages for those who do <i>do </i>Fancy experiments.</p>
<h3>Essentially oil</h3>
<p>Ask a beer connoisseur to describe your favorite IPA and you'll almost certainly hear him talking about hops. In the weed world, it's terpenes that give your hit its taste and character. Some think that terpenes are another way to choose our experience (in combination with the cannabinoid ratio).</p>
<p>The Californian company Dosist has six cannabis pens to choose from. Each "formula" is marked with its primary effect (Arouse, Calm, Bliss, etc.). Dosists vaporizers are aimed at people who are looking for relief from pain or insomnia, and not those who want to be baked. Together with a breakdown of the THC / CBD ratios and the complete (handpicked) terpene profiles, the pen will vibrate as soon as you inhale Dosist's optimal level (hence the name). The company's guidelines suggest a maximum of three "doses" per hour barely enough to change your mind, but sufficient for the benefit – at least according to the company.</p>
<p><img alt=

Terpenes are essential oils found in many plants (not just cannabis). They are characteristically strong in the smell, and for most people, that's what makes the taste of your cannabis tap. However, some companies, such as Dosist, believe that they can influence the efficacy and direction of the effects of cannabis.

Piomelli is more skeptical. "I would say that 95 percent of the claims are essentially unfounded – terpenes are compounds, they are biologically active compounds, and there are some terpenes that are particularly active in the cannabinoid system," he says. "However, the evidence that a combination of terpenes, a specific terpene, either potentiates, diminishes or otherwise modulates the effects of THC, CBD, and other cannabinoids, is simply not there."

This does not mean that the idea has no merit, only that scientific evidence is sparse. "I'm not the one who rejects all anecdotal evidence when the anecdotal evidence is made by thousands of people," Piomelli added. "There is a point where we have to ask ourselves if there is so much smoke that there must be fire."

Holistic heights

While cannabinoids and terpenes promise a lot, some think cannabis needs a helping hand to get you where you want to go. White Fox Atmospheres is one of more and more brands that add more herbs to the mix. The company's website defines its mission as "formulation, alchemization and development of specific impact-based medicine".

White Fox vape products contain good old fashioned cannabis, but with "ayurvedic formulations". Ayurvedic medicine is where things distract even more into the unknown. The formulations are thousands of years old, but there is a lack of definitive scientific research on their medical effectiveness.

Mood-specific Cannabis Vapes "data-caption =" Mood-specific Cannabis Vapes "data-credit =" James Trew / Engadget "data-credit-link-back =" "data-dam-provider =" "data-local-id =" local-3-134996-1555700485679 "data-media-id =" 955dd1e9-379d-4d7d-a622-a26ff7f4ccd6 "data-original-url =" 2019-04 / 782445f0-62d5-11e9-b8df-c38c7ce5b677 "data-title =" Mood-Specific Cannabis Vapors "src =" 2C0% 2C0 % 2F0% 2F0% 2F0% 2F0% 2F0% 2F% 2F% 2Fos% 2Fos% 2Fos% 2F2019-04% 2F2019-04% 2F782445f0-62d5-11e9-b8df-c8df-2C0% & F = 2? /></p>
<p>Scarlet Ravin, founder and CEO of White Fox, creates the line with the sole intention of making people feel better. She's fed up with the cannabis arms race and the zero-sum game, which makes it impossible to get incredibly high. She tells Engadget that she wants to answer the question, "How can we use medicine in a good way, where we are not just going to be potholed and blown our heads off?"</p>
<p>The result is three different cannabis-vape formulas: one each for male and female "sexual energy" and another that promises to enhance your ability for lucid dreams. Ravin recognizes that people may have certain expectations of a product called "Legendary" or something that contains Valeriana wallichii root, but claims that the effect that you get like most holistic remedies is more holistic.</p>
<p>"Our formula brings people back to this state of inner balance," she says, "and many people who regularly smoke pens will say," I got pain to see if it would work. I feel like in my body and I feel in my heart when I smoke this pen. & # 39; It's more about a wellness allover status than a kind of "mood", you know? "</p>
<h3>What about the research?</h3>
<p>The search for new, specific effects of cannabis is not surprising. Piomelli explains that cannabinoids have a "privileged structure". This means that they have more of a physiological or pharmacological effect.</p>
<p>Understanding the relationships, terpenes and interactions between cannabinoids is the key to an individual's future cannabis. According to Jacob Borodovsky, a researcher at the Washington University School of Medicine's Department of Psychiatry, who specializes in cannabis and opioid epidemiology, it could be a future that could be several years away. "I think we'll get to such a place after you and I are long dead," he says. "I think that's going to be first through neurobiology in medicine, and we'll start to understand these things a lot better."</p>
<p>Borodovsky refers in part to the slow pace at which science can study such things. The number of required studies is large – far greater than the available financial resources. Cannabis is now a commercial venture and patenting is difficult. Piomelli agrees: "It will cost many millions of dollars because you need a large number of subjects and need your placebo controls, it's an expensive company, and no company is interested in it, because how would they protect their property after that?"</p>
<p>Now and then, however, we have enough evidence to turn a medicine into a drug. Epidiolex is a CBD-based drug recently approved by the FDA for the treatment of Dravet's disease (a severe form of epilepsy in infants).</p>
<p><img alt=

But why wait for science to catch up? Man has been experimenting with all kinds of substances for millennia. Bloom Farms & # 39; Ray takes a reasonable approach with its products. "I have always believed that it was best to stay as faithful as possible to the plant," he says, pointing to the current wave of CBD products that is booming. Some are pure extract, while others like Bloom Farms are "Full Spectrum" – meaning they contain traces of other naturally occurring cannabinoids. The theory is, as with your olive oil, the magic in the plant and not just the desired compound.

Likewise, Ravin is confident she stands for something. "When I'm in a pharmacy and doing a demo day, I feel I'm a little ahead of my time in what we offer," she says. "But it's just beginning to understand where enough people have smoked it and say," I really like that. I can not say exactly why, but I like it when I'm at it and I want to keep feeling that & # 39;

The onslaught of new products does not look like it's going to slow down in the foreseeable future. Perhaps the most potent component of cannabis development is legalization. With the threat of prosecution no longer threatening, scientists can explore more freely and consumers can experiment with what works for them. Now, dispensaries like Sava offer training courses (and even delivery right to their door) in addition to these a la carte products.

As with your favorite holiday destination or the choice of coffee, your personal recommendation is ultimately the king. We all know which alcohol makes us a little more emotional or makes a hard day's work ahead of us. Even Piomelli admits that it is worth considering if it works for you and is not harmful. "It's a personal thing," he says. "Personal taste I do not drink white wine because I have a headache I do not think a clinical trial is warranted."


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