The next major Minecraft update has been given a date

The first major Minecraft update for 2022 has been released. Via the game’s website, Microsoft recently revealed that The Wild Update – as it is called – is coming on June 7.

The Wild update introduces two new types of nature, so-called biomes, to explore. Mangrove Swamp is – as the name implies – crammed with swamps and mangroves. The latter can be cut down to get new wood to build with, while in the swamps you can dig up mud.

Deep Dark offers far more eerie surroundings to frolic in. These new places can be found by digging deeper into caves. In Deep Dark you can dig out new sculk blocks, and encounter a new enemy called Warden if you are not careful.

– For those who want to tackle a challenge unlike anyone else they have seen before, you can find this creature in Deep Dark. Sneaking is the key to getting out safely, so be careful, the Minecraft developer writes about Warden.

Two other creatures also come into play. The first of these is called allay, a blue flying device that helps players collect items. In addition, frogs are coming to Minecraft for the first time. These appear in three varieties, such as tadpoles, baby frogs and common frogs.

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