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Jeff Bezos makes his dream of space come true. “Earth was briefly rid of its richest man when Jeff Bezos flew to the far reaches of space”, Tuesday July 20, ironically New York Magazine. On board a Blue Origin rocket “Flamboyant” powered from Van Horn, Texas, the founder of Amazon took off for a journey of about eleven minutes “100 km above the surface of the planet”, tells the American media. “Three other passengers” accompanied the billionaire: “His brother Mark, 82 year old aviation icon Wally Funk and 18 year old Dutchman Oliver Daemen”.

Deadly floods in one of China’s most populous regions. From inondations killed 13 people and displaced 100,000 people, in the southwest of Zhengzhou, the capital of Henan province, in the center of the country, “Where the overflow of a dam on Wednesday aggravated the disaster”, report it South China Morning Post. “Entire avenues and subway tunnels have been submerged in the city”, home to 12.6 million people. “Heavy rains have hit other parts of Henan as well, but so far scenes of chaos caused by the flood have been confined to the provincial capital.”

New measures from Paris and London in the fight against illegal immigration. While more than 430 migrants crossed the Channel on Tuesday, which is a daily record, France and the United Kingdom announced in the evening the strengthening of their cooperation in the fight against illegal immigration at their common border. UK, The Guardian especially remember, following a videoconference interview between the British Minister of the Interior Priti Patel and her French counterpart Gérald Darmanin, that “The British taxpayer will have to give France 62.7 million additional euros to finance a new crackdown on crossings (…) by small boats”. This advert “Is likely to anger the deputies (British), who have in the past argued that France should be responsible for the costs ”, notice the daily.

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