The Nikkei average continues to grow sharply, temporarily over 600 yen. Excessive inflation caution is eased | Reuters

[Tokyo 30th Reuters]–The Nikkei average on the Tokyo Stock Exchange closed at 27,369.43 yen, up 587.75 yen from the previous business day. In the US market last weekend, excessive caution against rising inflation eased and stock prices rose, especially in high-tech stocks, and Japanese stocks were widely sought after. The repurchase gained momentum as it greatly exceeded the 27,000 yen that was noticed at the turning point of the return.

On May 30, the Nikkei average closed at 27,369.43 yen, up 587.75 yen from the previous business day, on the Tokyo Stock Exchange. The photo was taken on a stock price board in Tokyo in October 2020 (2022 Reuters / Issei Kato)

Japanese stocks started with widespread buying amid high stock prices in the US market last weekend. Recently, the Nikkei average was easy to hold down at around 27,000 yen, which is a psychological milestone, but it exceeded this level due to the closeness. After that, the rate of increase gradually widened, and in the afternoon there was a scene where the price rose by 619.56 yen to 27,401.24 yen.

In the US stock market, large-scale high-tech stocks and growth-type stocks are solid, and Japanese stocks also have a large index contribution, such as semiconductor manufacturing equipment-related stocks, electronic parts stocks, and high PER (price-earnings ratio) stocks. , Pushed up the index.

Overtime US stock futures were strong, and Chinese stocks were firm, supporting investor sentiment. It was also supported by the announcement by the Shanghai city authorities of China on June 29 that many restrictions will be lifted from June 1 to resume corporate activities. There was also a view that the risk of carry-over is less than usual because the US market will be closed on Memorial Day today.

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In the market, “The price has clearly exceeded the heavy top price of 27,000 yen for a while, and the buyback has strengthened. In the short term, the higher the level, the easier it may be to buy back.” (Mito Securities Chief Fund Manager Ichi Sakai) There was a view that. By clearing the platform, expectations for a bottoming out in terms of technical aspects have increased.

TOPIX closed at 1922.44 points, up 1.86%. The trading value of the TSE prime market was 4,301,852 million yen. Trading expanded due to the rebalancing accompanying the revision of the floating stock ratio of TOPIX. Among the 33 industries of the TSE, the price increase was in 30 industries such as service industry, electrical equipment, and machinery, and the price decrease was in 3 industries such as shipping industry, electricity / gas industry, and insurance industry.

Toyota Motor Corporation and Sony Group were strong, and Recruit Holdings, KEYENCE, M3 and FAST RETAILING were also strong. On the other hand, NYK and TEPCO Holdings did not even exist.

The number of rises and falls in the TSE prime market was 1551 stocks (84%), 253 stocks (13%), and 32 stocks (1%).

Closed price Closer than the previous day Low / High

Nikkei 225 27369.43 +587.75 27092.82 27,057.20─2


TOPIX 1922.44 +35.14 1905.42 1,902.79─1,


TSE trading volume (10,000 shares) 168174 TSE trading value (100 million yen) 43018.52