The Nord Stream 1 gas pipeline in turn hit by two unexplained leaks in the Baltic Sea

The Nord Stream 1 gas pipeline linking Russia and Germany has been affected by two unexplained gas leaks in the Baltic Sea, Danish and Swedish authorities said on Tuesday, the day after news of a leak in the parallel Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline was announced. .

Objects of geopolitical arm wrestling, the two gas pipelines operated by a consortium dependent on the Russian giant Gazprom are not operational because of the consequences of the war in Ukraine. But both were still full of gas.

“The authorities have now been informed that there have been two further leaks in the Nord Stream 1 gas pipeline, which is also not operational, but contains gas”, said the Danish Minister for Climate and Health. Energy, Dan Jørgensen, in a statement sent to AFP.

“It is too early to say anything about the causes of the incidents”, but the senior Danish official announced to raise the level of vigilance of the electricity and gas sector in the Nordic country.

A spokesman for the Swedish maritime authority confirmed to AFP the detection of the two leaks, off the Danish island of Bornholm.

One of the Nord Stream 1 leaks occurred in Denmark’s exclusive economic zone, the other in Sweden’s, according to the two countries.

Just like the leak noted the day before on Nord Stream 2, security measures have been taken.

Navigation within a radius of five nautical miles (about 9 kilometers), as well as their overflight within a radius of one kilometer are prohibited.

“The incidents on the two pipelines have no impact on supply to Denmark,” Jørgensen said.

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Monday evening, the operator of the Nord Stream 1 and 2 gas pipelines had reported a drop in pressure in the first gas pipeline, after the detection of a leak in the second.