The north and center of the Valley live art with the Red Monitores de Culturales

Santiago de Cali, May 18, 2021. The program of the Network of Cultural Monitors promoted by the Government of the Valley reaches the north of the department. In Cairo, Lizeth Velásquez, a 20-year-old cultural monitor, has been working for a year and a half with 50 young people and 50 children in urban and folk dance.

“In urban dance we manage styles such as afro, reggaeton and commercial so that young people integrate with the dance. We also work on styles such as partying, party halls and we teach all the rhythms of Colombia through Culture”, said this young woman passionate about modern dance.

Santiago Quesada Pérez, cultural monitor of El Águila, is another 24-year-old who has been in this program for three years with the art seedbeds. “In our municipality we run four music workshops, such as string music with 20 participants, a children’s workshop with children from 5 to 10 years old, a workshop with wind instruments and a keyboard and singing workshop,” he specified.

Meanwhile, in Guacarí, the cultural monitor Lesly Realpe González works to promote reading in the districts of this municipality. “We handle myths, legends, oral tradition. We also work on literacy for children and adults in rural sectors of this municipality,” said the monitor.

There are 832 artists and managers who are part of the Network of Cultural Monitors of the Valley, which reaches 41,200 people, a program in which the Government of the Valley has invested $24 billion for its operation.

Diego Fernando Lozano-Arias
Valley Government Journalist

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Publication date 05/18/2022

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