The number of deaths from the coronavirus in the United States exceeded 3,000 this Monday night (local time). The figure -3.008, specifically- follows from the last update of the university Johns Hopkins, which has a website that provides statistics in real time. In parallel, the country already registers more than 163,000 positive cases, 60% more than Italy, second on the list, which has almost 102,000.

The North American country is headed to become the next in the third country with the highest number of deaths in the worldor, given the speed with which their numbers increase. It will surpass France (3,030) and China, which has reported 3,308. With significantly higher figures, Italy and Spain head the dismal list, with 11,591 and 7,716 deaths, respectively.

The epicenter of the outbreak in the country is in New York State. His authorities indicated in his daily report that the number of cases already exceeded 66,000 and the deaths amounted to 353. However, the transmission curve indicates that the figure at these times is higher. The state today represented 40 percent of the cases registered in the country.

The figures were announced by Governor Andrew Cuomo, who said that 9,517 people were hospitalized, an increase of 12 percent compared to the previous day. 2,352, meanwhile, are connected to artificial respirators, key tools to keep those with more serious cases alive. More than 4,200 people have been registered.

Despite the high numbers, Cuomo highlighted as encouraging data that the curve of positive cases has slowed down in recent days: “We duplicated the cases every two days, then every three and four, then every five. We are now doubling the number of cases every six days, so even though the total number is increasing, the rate is decreasing

However, state authorities face the challenge of expanding their hospital capacity to cope with the unusually high number of patients requiring care. To contribute to the goal, a Navy hospital ship, the USNS Comfort, arrived in New York on Monday.

The ship has 1,000 beds and 12 operating rooms and It will be used to care for patients who do not have the coronavirus, in order to alleviate the burden on hospitals that are taking care of those with the disease..

Too a field hospital was set up in the Central Park of the city. The initiative was launched Samaritan’s Purse, an evangelical humanitarian organization based in North Carolina, and the structure has the capacity to treat 68 people.

As the number of cases increases minute by minute, President Donald Trump said Monday in a press conference that medical authorities estimate that the peak of the death rate will be reached in approximately two weeks. Consequently, the federal government extended its social distancing guidelines until April 30..

The president, however, was hopeful that after the peak, the fatalities begin to drop and recovery begins. “I want the country and the world to work again,” he said. “It should start going down – and hopefully very substantially – from that point“, said.

This morning the epidemiologist from the White House, Anthony Fauci said there could be 200,000 deaths from coronavirus in the US. The specialist, who is part of the elite group to contain the pandemic led by Vice President Vice Pence and participates in all the team’s press conferences with Trump, explained that the estimates of the lethality of the coronavirus in the US pose different scenarios, this one would be the most serious.

Trump also said he hopes the country “you are well on your way to recovery“For June 1 and announced that next Tuesday his government will make an” important “announcement about the government’s plans and strategy in the future.

The president also highlighted the importance of rapid tests that Abbott Laboratories will begin distributing next week. The tests are capable of verifying contagions in just 5 minutes. “We have more cases of coronavirus because we do more tests“He expressed.

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