The number of farmers with smart cards in the country is 2 crore

Finance Minister AHM Mustafa Kamal said that the number of farmers with smart cards in the country has increased to about 2 crores. The Finance Minister gave this information in his 2023-24 fiscal year budget speech in the National Parliament on Thursday (June 1).

He said that agricultural inputs and loan assistance are being provided to the farmers through the agricultural inputs assistance card. The number of card holder farmers has now increased to around 2 crores. We have taken initiatives to provide smart cards to all farmers.

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On the other hand, under the family nutrition garden project, 100 in each union, a total of 4 lakh 88 thousand 400 family vegetable gardens are being established, it was also informed in the budget speech. Finance Minister mentioned that 2 lakh 52 thousand 16 gardens have already been established.

The finance minister also said that farmers are being given incentives and rehabilitation facilities to compensate for the losses due to natural disasters like floods, droughts, cyclones, landslides etc. It may be noted that the Government has introduced the ‘Agricultural Person of Importance (AIP)’ award for contribution to the agriculture sector and this medal was awarded for the first time in 2022.

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AHM Mustafa Kamal said that there has been great improvement in the storage, processing and export of agricultural products. Post-harvest losses are being minimized through agricultural mechanization and improved packaging systems. We encourage setting up of modern storage facilities, packaging houses, cool chain and other facilities at public and private level. To increase the export of agricultural products, the plant pest control laboratory set up at the central packing house is being upgraded to international standards. Currently more than 70 vegetables and fruits are being exported abroad. We have crossed the milestone of earning 100 million dollars in agricultural exports.

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In the proposed budget of the next financial year, the allocation of Tk 1,676 crore has been increased for the agriculture sector. In the budget of the next fiscal year (2023-24), the allocation of Tk 35 thousand 374 crore has been proposed for the agricultural sector (agriculture, food and fisheries and livestock). In the financial year 2022-23, this allocation was 33 thousand 698 crores.


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