The number of German students abroad fell only slightly in the first Corona year

WIESBADEN. Even in the Corona year 2020, many German students studied abroad. The Federal Statistical Office recorded only a “moderate” decline.

In 2020, 133,400 German students studied at foreign universities. As reported by the Federal Statistical Office (Destatis), that was 4,500 or 3.3% fewer than in the previous year. The decline compared to the previous year was therefore moderate overall, despite the restrictions caused by the pandemic in the first Corona year of 2020. The number of German students fell sharply, particularly in China (-4,700 or -57.9%) and the United States (-3,900 or -42.0%). In contrast, there was a stronger increase in German students in Austria (+3,600 or +11.9%) and the Netherlands (+2,100 or +9.2%). When interpreting it, it should be borne in mind that the numbers do not provide any information as to whether the students were actually on site or continued their studies abroad with the help of remote learning due to the corona pandemic.

There are many reasons for studying abroad. Photo: Shutterstock

As in previous years, the three most popular destination countries for German students abroad in 2020 were Austria (33,800), the Netherlands (24,500) and the United Kingdom (12,700), which together accounted for 53.2% of the students. Overall, 66.4% of German students abroad stayed in the European Union. Looking at students with German citizenship worldwide, there were 51 students abroad for every 1,000 students in Germany.

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The choice of place to study is often closely related to the field of study
The choice of study location for international students is often closely related to the field of study. “Social Sciences, Journalism and Information Systems” was the most popular subject group among German students in Austria. It was chosen by almost a quarter of the students (23.4%). In the Netherlands, too, this subject group was the most popular with a good third (35.1%) of German students. In the United Kingdom, “business, administration and law” was very popular with almost a quarter (23.5%) of German students.

Medical students are often drawn to Eastern Europe
In the subject of human medicine, there are admission restrictions in Germany due to the limited number of study places. Therefore, some German students of this subject decide to study abroad in Eastern Europe. 71.1% of German students were enrolled in human medicine in Lithuania, 63.3% in Hungary and 62.4% in Poland. Of the Germans who were enrolled at Czech universities, 44.3% took this subject. (ots)

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