The number of measles cases in 2019 at the highest in nearly 25 years, according to WHO

These increases are linked to the failure of many children to vaccinate with the two required doses.

The increase in cases has been steadily increasing since 2017. An immunization rate of 95% in a population is needed and that it be maintained both nationally and regionally to control measles. However, coverage has only reached about 85% for more than ten years for the first dose. That of the second dose increases but barely exceeds 70%.

In 2019, nine countries gathered 73% of cases, often in vulnerable communities. “Unless we really take action quickly in the face of this growing gap in the countries identified as very threatened”, they will face more “epidemics” and “deaths”, explained to the press a responsible for the World Health Organization (WHO).

The number of cases relayed this year seems to be down, but restrictions linked to Covid have disrupted vaccination. Nearly 95 million in 26 countries may not be immunized.

According to the WHO official, the situation is particularly worrying in several African countries, but all regions are affected.

States whose response was already adequate have fared better in the face of the difficulties during the pandemic. “We know how to prevent measles epidemics and deaths,” said WHO director general Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus. According to him, this data must lead to more efforts to support countries and communities for immunizations.



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