The nurses refused to put on their veils on the plane. They were fined heavily

Police reported the case on Monday, but resolved the incident at the airport on Friday last week. The 37-year-old twins from Hungary did not have veils on board the plane bound from Budapest to Munich, even though it is mandatory across Europe.

“Although women have been warned several times by air personnel that they must have respiratory protection, they have behaved completely ruthlessly,” the German daily Bild quoted a police report as saying. Despite repeated warnings, the nurses refused to put on the veil.

In addition, according to the police, the Hungarians were rude to the staff and, when asked to cover their mouths and noses, they responded with an erect middle finger. The pilot of the plane therefore reported the whole case and the police were already waiting for the women at the Munich airport.

Each of the sisters had to pay a fine of one thousand euros (about 26 thousand crowns). The police did not release them until after they had paid them. Due to the insult of the flight attendants, the women will face criminal proceedings and probably another punishment.


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