The nutrient that cannot be missing from your plate if you want to lose weight

PTo lose weight, each one chooses the diet that best suits their lifestyle and tastes without, of course, compromising their health. Regardless of the choice, in his blog Fast 800, Michael Mosley (physician and author) explains that it is very important to always have protein on your plate.

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According to the specialist, eating sufficient amounts of this macronutrient is essential to lose weight in a healthy and effective way.

Why? It has multiple benefits such as reducing appetite – as it helps you feel fuller for longer – and altering weight-regulating hormones, he adds.

In addition, it stimulates metabolism and, consequently, thermogenesis (the process that produces heat by burning calories); it improves your sleep metabolic rate (“a high-protein diet makes you burn more calories while you sleep”).

Taking this into account, the doctor recommends ingesting about 60 grams every day. It’s something easy to do if you bet on foods like meat, eggs and dairy products, but also on beans and nuts.

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2023-05-25 11:01:52