The OAS is a disaster and Almagro is worse: Ebrard – El Financiero

The Secretary of Foreign Relations, Marcelo Ebrard, affirmed that the Organization of American States (OAS) is paralyzed, for which he asked the Mexican ambassadors and consuls to collaborate in order to continue promoting this multilateral organization.

“We must get the OAS out of the morass, that is a disaster,” said the foreign minister during the inauguration of the meeting of ambassadors and consuls of Mexico.

In addition, he criticized the management of the organization’s secretary general, Luis Almagro, with whom he has shown differences on other occasions.

“I’m not talking about Almagro, I’m talking about the institution. Almagro is worse, but the OAS, a disaster”, the foreign minister sentenced.

On other occasions, Ebrard has accused the Secretary General of having sustained “one of the worst efforts in the history” of the organization, in addition to accusing him of acting autonomously, without consulting the member countries.

On the other hand, Ebrard assured that a priority for this year will be the control of the sale of arms, since he maintained that it is the cause of the violence in Mexico.

At the event, the secretary also asked for the support of diplomats to continue putting this issue on the table.

“We want to continue promoting things that matter to Mexico, a lot. We are not going to stop insisting on the issue of weapons, I ask everyone for your support. If we do not reduce the number of weapons in Mexico, it is impossible to reduce violence,” Ebrard said.

“What is the floor of violence? How many weapons are available? If anyone has any doubts, study the statistics and that is very clear, that correlation is one to one, so that will continue to be a great priority for Mexico, “he said.

In addition, he explained that this will be a topic to be discussed during the North American Leaders’ Summit, just as it will seek to promote it in other forums.