“The objective is not to give advice to young people but to share my experience with them”

The former French number one welcomed on Tuesday at Roland-Garros the new members of the “Team BNP Paribas Young Talents”, of which he is the sponsor.

It was in the cold autumn and under the roof of the Philippe Chatrier court that Jo-Wilfried Tsonga, sponsor of the program, exchanged a few balls in a good mood with his “godchildren” this Tuesday in the temple of French tennis. BNP Paribas launched this program in 2018, in association with the French Federation, to support young talents on the springboard of a professional career. This program, endowed with 1 million euros over 3 years, aims to support up to 30 young people by 2024. Key aspects of professionalism are presented to start-ups in modules where nutrition, role and role are discussed in particular. mentality, the ecosystem of professional tournaments or even media training.

Diane Parry, 19, former number 1 junior and now 115th at the WTA, in particular benefited from this program. Just like Arthur Cazaux, 18, finalist of the Junior Australian Open in 2020, and current 283e worldwide: “it was a big plus for me to make me progress at the high level, Cazaux slide. Doing media training, having speakers who told us about social networks, practicing English, it’s extra sporting that also allows us to progress as a person. ” Gabriel Debru, who is 15 years and 10 months old, recently moved to Roanne on 4th youngest player of the 21e century to take a turn in a Challenger tournament or Luca Van Assche, 17, winner of the last Roland-Garros Junior, are also part of the program.

«In my career, sometimes, I felt that I was not supported in certain areas. I wish a former player could give me advice to grow faster and maybe move forward differently», Breaths Tsonga. “The objective is not to give them advice but to share my experience with them, the program sponsor continues. In three years, there have been three junior world champions from the program. There are plenty of things that I would have liked to have benefited from when I was younger. Modules on nutrition, mental preparation, social networks and media reporting, agent and sponsor management, tennis history lessons. I didn’t know anything about it because I hadn’t learned it. English modules. I found myself in front of 15,000 people saying “yes i’m very happy» and feel uncomfortable».

“With this kind of program we also densify the volume of players. This is necessarily a good omen for the future in any case. “

Nicolas Escudé

Present in the Roland-Garros enclosure this Tuesday, the DTN Nicolas Escudé underlined: “This is something very important because beyond training the champions of tomorrow’s French tennis, we are also there to educate them. This is largely made for that“And the DTN also hope that the program will contribute, among other things, to give the future color to French tennis, which has just experienced a black year at the highest level: “Today, the results at the highest level have been historically catastrophic. The succession takes a little time. We must manage to densify the pools of young players. With this kind of program we also densify the volume. This is necessarily a good omen for the future in any case.»

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