Technology The ocean absorbed the heat of 3.6 billion nuclear...

The ocean absorbed the heat of 3.6 billion nuclear bombs


In the last 25 years the oceans have absorbed heat equivalent to the explosion of 3.6 billion bombs like Hiroshima's, according to a study published on Monday Advances in Atmospheric Science.

In addition, during 2019 the temperature of the oceans was the warmest since there are records, according to the study, which warns that it is not only increasing but also accelerating.

The text signed by 14 scientists from eleven institutes around the world indicates that warmer temperatures have occurred between the surface and 2,000 meters deep.

In the chapter of records, the work also indicates that the last decade has been the warmest in terms of ocean temperatures, especially the last five years.

The temperature of the ocean during the past year was about 0.075 degrees Celsius above the measure recorded in the period from 1981 to 2010, says a statement from the Institute of Atmospheric Physics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

Experts explained that to reach that maximum temperature the oceans have had to absorb billions of joules of heat, specifically 228 sextillions.

To give an idea of ​​what that figure represents, "the amount of heat we have put into the world's oceans over the past 25 years equals 3,600 million explosions of atomic bombs such as Hiroshima," said the lead author of the article and Professor of the International Center for Climate and Environmental Sciences of China, Lijing Cheng.

The expert assured that this measurement of ocean warming "is irrefutable and is another proof of global warming"; To explain this warming, the author points out that there are no "reasonable alternatives" beyond human gas emissions.

The researchers used a relatively new method of analysis that allowed them to examine the heat trends of the last 50 years and the study also includes changes in temperature in the oceans registered by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (Noaa) of the United States.

Global warming

"The two independent data sets indicate that the last five years have been the warmest that have been recorded for global ocean temperatures," the note adds.

Global warming "is real and is getting worse" and this is just "the tip of the iceberg of what is to come. Fortunately we can do something: we can use energy more wisely and diversify our energy sources. We have the power to reduce this problem, "said study co-author John Abraham of the American University of St. Thomas.

The researchers noted that work can be done to reverse the effect of human activity on the climate, but "it will take longer for the ocean to respond than to atmospheric and terrestrial environments."

Since 1970, more than 90% of the heat from global warming has gone to the ocean, while only four percent of it warmed the atmosphere and the earth.

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