with 3 million unique visitors each month, the website RegionsJob has delivered its latest analysis of the labour market in the Paca region by comparing the number of job postings released in the third quarter of 2017, with 2016.

according to the specialized site, these are a significant increase compared to last year: + 34%.

And RegionsJob to analyze: “The PACA region has a very high attractiveness in the energy sector & environment, first of this ranking with a growth of 82%.

The Automotive sector, mechanical engineering and shipbuilding comes second in the region with an increase of 54% compared to last year”.

according to the specialized site, the it sector is not left out since it completes the podium with a net increase of 50%.

Follow the sectors of the distribution that by CONSTRUCTION, each with 47% growth compared to the third quarter of 2016.

The CONSTRUCTION industry is recruiting strongly

In the third quarter of 2017, the functions of the most dynamic and attractive are those trades of the CONSTRUCTION industry, and construction (+73%), already present in the top five in the ranking of the most dynamic sectors in the PACA region.

We then found the functions of the trades logistics, transport and supply chain with a growth of 48%.

The functions of distribution and management complete the podium with an increase of 42%. Follow the functions of study and R&D (+38%), and the functions of business with individuals (+36%).

The number of CDD explodes

All good indicators to weight, since in the same time the number of jobs precarious increases.

The third-quarter of 2017 to see the explosion of the CSD compared to 2016 (+71%), far ahead of the CDI with an increase of 47%.

A real difference compared to the first half of the year. Other forms of contracts proposed come close the ranking with an increase of 30% for internships and alternations, and 15% in temporary work.

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