The Office of the Prosecutor was aware of the report of the residences and sent observations to the Government | Radio Club Tenerife

As the SER has learned, the Prosecutor’s Office of the Provincial Court of Santa Cruz de Tenerife had known since 2020 the report of the Common Deputy in which serious irregularities were detected in 25 residences throughout the Archipelago. Public Ministry sources have asserted that the document was known since it was sent to the Parliament of the Canary Islands on November 11 and that from that moment on, The usual inspection procedures were initiated not only in the residences of which are the object of analysis in the file, but also in the rest of the centers of elders since this is established as an obligation of the Prosecutor’s Office.

Similarly, it is noted that The mandatory reports were sent and transferred to the competent administration, that is, the Ministry of Social Rights of the Government of the Canary Islands.. It should be remembered that the Prosecutor’s Office is in charge of two aspects in this matter: the first, to carry out civil proceedings through protective tasks with respect to groups in vulnerable situations, in addition to monitoring the situation of the elderly who reside in geriatric establishments, adopting, where appropriate, the initiatives that are necessary to guarantee its legal protection. The Public Prosecutor’s Office may initiate investigative proceedings in the event that there are signs of a criminal offense which can end in a complaint.

The Vice-Ministry of Social Rights is the only one that did not know the report of the residences signed by the Deputy to the Diputación del Común

The report It was known to the Diputación del Común, the Paralmento table that qualified it, the Board of Spokespersons to which the report was sent since November, and the president of the Commission on Social Rights also knew about it., which downplays the issue in the pages of El Día saying that “it is not urgent.” The Prosecutor’s Office also knew it, however, The only person who did not know the report is precisely the person in charge of monitoring that residence. Gema Martínez, Deputy Minister of Social Rights of the Government of the Canary Islands, “we found out yesterday,” said in Today for Today The Cover, when Radio Club Tenerife broadcast the report.

The report is devastating: rats, bed bugs, cockroaches and ants in bedrooms and kitchens

The Diputación del Común prepared an extraordinary report a month before the outbreak of the coronavirus warning of the serious situation in which the residences were in the Canary Islands. This report confirms the coexistence of residents with rats and cockroaches in the kitchens, chiches in the mattresses and even outbreaks of scabies. recurring records collected in the minutes of some of the residences. The investigation was carried out the Deputy to the Common Council for the protection of the rights of the elderly in 2019, making 25 visits to centers in Gran Canaria, La Palma, Lanzarote and Tenerife with an approximate duration of one hour and 45 minutes each.

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Medical visits from year to year, mercantile contracts, elderly people tied to their beds without protocol that regulates it, total absence of privacy and inspections and even kitchens with open spaces used, literally, “as dump of the own waste from those kitchens”Can be read in the report. These data collected by the lawyer Milagros Fuentes and the team of the Diputación del Común has been in the hands of Parliament since November and yet they have not even given a date to the Diputación del Común to present it in the Chamber. “Bathrooms with obvious signs of dirt, two outbreaks of scabies, bed bug infestations in the mattresses, dining rooms with food scraps for hours, cigarette butts piled up on the doors, “the report details.