the official death toll is 4 and a methodical search for survivors was resumed

However, local authorities reported that hundreds of firefighters and rescuers continued to work to find survivors in the rubble of the collapse that left four dead and 159 missing.

The anguish and anger arises because, like this neighbor, other residents fear that negligence around safety in the construction of the building has been decisive in the catastrophe.

“That there, where they told us that there are hundreds of workers to evacuate people and try to rescue them, that is not a rescue operation at all, it is nothing”, said Wachsmann, who has relatives and his best friend Chaim Rosenberg missing.

landslide miami

Wachsmann left New York with Mike Salberg, Rosenberg’s nephew, a few hours after the disaster and rented an apartment in the building next to the Champlain Towers, with a direct view on the operations.

“My uncle’s apartment is right there, where you see that purple column near the screen door,” says Salberg as he points to what was the second floor of the building.

“Not a single lifeguard tried to lift the rubble, little by little, even by hand, without machines, to eventually evacuate people,” he says, estimating that there may be survivors blocked in air bubbles.

Against this background, the authorities assure that they understand the frustration of the families.

“We give them information twice a day on the details of the operations,” said the mayor of Miami Dade County on Friday night. Daniella Levine Cava.

“There is still hope,” he said, noting that in these types of catastrophes many victims could be found alive “a week after” the events occurred.

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Other survivors claim explanations for a possible structural failure of the building, since according to a 2020 study, the property experienced a “very subtle” subsidence in the 1990s.

“I was able to go out, but I want answers,” says Janette Agüero, 46. “The families of the victims deserve it, and someone must be responsible. Someone must pay,” said the woman who was with her husband and two children on the eleventh floor of the building, and feeling like “an earthquake” came down through the stairs with his family and managed to escape the catastrophe.