The official European price of Lucid Air has been revealed

Two weeks later It opens in Munich the first European showroom for the luxury electric car brand.

The prices and specifications also disclosed.

Lucid Air

He’s coming

As in America, so is Europe comes in two versions Lucid’s first car, so there will be one Performance and one Range version – the former optimized for performance, the latter optimized for range. Banners will probably be taken away by the latter, because

the manufacturer said the Lucid Air Dream Edition Range had a preliminary European WLTP range of 900 kilometers.

Deliveries a limited number of piecesexclusive look They start with the P and R models of the Dream Editionand only in four countries, the Netherlands, Germany, Norway and Switzerland. Those who have already booked the car can now request a switch to those first editions while stocks last – provided they live in one of the four countries.

In addition to the technical parameters now the price of the car is also publicwhich is the full extra for the first edition

gross € 218,000 in Germany, € 222,000 in the Netherlands, 199,000 francs in Switzerland and 1,850,000 Norwegian kroner in the citadel of electric cars. This means a price tag of approximately HUF 68 to 84 million, depending on the sales tax and other fees of the given country.

The fund, Lucid Air Pure price will be communicated later, but the company in the order of 100,000 euros, ie plans for forty million forints in Germany. Deliveries of the first limited edition series will begin in late 2022.

The network is being built

A The first salon in Munich, which opens on May 23, is a larger European network will follow. Currently, cars can be ordered by customers in Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Monaco, the Netherlands, Norway, Spain, Switzerland and the United Kingdom – our country is not on the list yet. The booking fee of € 300 will be refunded in full if the buyer changes his / her mind. Currently only left-wing cars are planned to be built, but there will be a right-hand drive version later, and other major European cities will be on the map.

Lucid’s first European showroom in Munich.

The company is not through resellers but sells your cars directlyand ordering can be done in salons or online.

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