The official photos of Mitsubishi’s new Eclipse Cross are released again, and Taiwan is expected to come out in the first half of next year! -Free Newspaper Car Channel

In October this year, Mitsubishi’s small facelift Eclipse Cross was released. Recently, the original factory released more official photos to help consumers understand the characteristics of the new car from more perspectives. At the same time, in the Taiwan market, some netizens have already photographed camouflaged cars in China. It will come out in the first half of the year.

Mitsubishi’s small facelift Eclipse Cross released more official photos.

At present, for the small facelifted Eclipse Cross, it will be the first to be launched in the Australian and New Zealand markets, and the time will fall in November this year, while Japan will be on sale around December. As for the North American market, it is expected that in the first quarter of next year, the Taiwan market , The chance of listing in the first half of next year is high, and it will be published in the second quarter as soon as possible.

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Mitsubishi facelifted Eclipse Cross photo gallery

The petrol-powered 1.5-liter turbocharged engine of the slightly modified Eclipse Cross can output 150 hp/24.5 kgm. As for the newly-added PHEV plug-in hybrid power, it uses dual electric motors with S-AWC four-wheel drive system. It can provide a maximum pure electric cruising range of 57.6 kilometers.

The rear of the car has changed from the LED trim strip that originally penetrated the rear window to a bilateral L-shaped taillight.

The appearance has changed considerably. The front of the car is still the Dynamic Shield design vocabulary, but it is replaced with a configuration similar to the new Delica D:5. The grid-shaped large-area water tank shield is connected to the elongated daytime running lights. The lower headlights are dual Eye-type, the rear of the car has been changed from the LED trim strip that penetrates the rear window to a bilateral L-shaped taillight.

In terms of interior, the shift lever of PHEV is also slightly different with a larger touch screen.

In terms of interior, it basically maintains the configuration before the minor facelift, but the original handwriting board in the central saddle is cancelled, and replaced with a larger touch screen, a new audio-visual entertainment system, and more metal plaques. Further enhance the sense of luxury in the cabin, while PHEV models, the information displayed on the center screen of the dashboard is slightly different.

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