The oil in Bulgaria is worth BGN 6, and in Northern Macedonia and Romania …

The price of a bottle of oil currently in Bulgaria varies between 4 and 6 levs. Bulgaria’s On Air team checked the prices of 5 food products in Bulgaria, Romania and Northern Macedonia.

Lilyana often shops in a store in Sofia in the Slatina district. Today, however, he passes the oil stand.

“It’s expensive – it’s now BGN 4, the cheapest oil, I imagine what will happen. Everything goes up by 30-40 stotinki,” Lilyana said.

“I will not buy at this price, I will wait for it to get cheaper, because I hear that this should not be the price,” says Penka.
Although the prices are between BGN 4 and 5, most of the oil bottles have been bought.

If we do not choose the most expensive or the cheapest products – the bill is exactly BGN 24.81.

And in neighboring Romania, prices are rising with each passing day. There you can still find a bottle for 4 leva. But in our northern neighbor the average price of a bottle of oil is already BGN 5.50. If we buy the same 5 products, but from a Romanian supermarket, it will cost us BGN 36.51.

In non-EU northern Macedonia, the market is the cheapest. There, the five products can be bought for BGN 18.90.

“The oil is already over BGN 3 in stores, which is the price at which traders receive it. The value added tax has been abolished. As a temporary measure, the export of oil from northern Macedonia is banned,” Telma Tv journalist Petar Dogov said.

“It’s more expensive for everyone now, even for those who have money. Looking at today’s prices, every shopkeeper can set them for themselves. This war will reduce everyone’s purchasing power,” he said.

Some shop day in and day out to spend less. And after the market in the three countries, it turns out that with a minimum wage, a Macedonian can buy these five products 25 times, a Bulgarian 22 times, and a Romanian only 16.