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The old cinema in Kayna is being demolished

by archyw

Kayna – The die is cast: the old cinema in Kayna is being demolished. The prerequisite for the planned demolition of the traditional house in Waldstrasse was its removal from the list of monuments. “This formal act has now taken place and the house is no longer under monument protection,” informed local mayor Margarete Späte (CDU) this week at the meeting of the local council. The Kayna Council had committed to this demolition long before. Whether the excavators can arrive this year also depends on the financial situation of the city of Zeitz. Before that, a local architecture firm will create a documentation about the former monument.

Because social life once took place in the Kayna cinema. There was not only the cinema, but also a bar and sauna. There was even a two-and-a-half-room apartment across from the cinema. On June 27, 1990, the last film flickered across the screen. As paradoxical as it may sound, it was also appropriately called “The last performance.” Since then, the house has been left to decay. It’s been raining through the roof for a long time. (mz)

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