“The old man is a brilliant mind!” – Attila Kökény could not believe what Gyula Bodrogi had told him – Metropol

It will be on May 28th Attila Kökény 10 years / 10 duet anniversary concert at the Budapest Congress Center, where he will sing with his role models and friends. It will be among the guests Gyula Bodrogi also who will sing the Knife Max with him – not for the first time.

“I had a concert five years ago, where I invited Uncle Gyula Bodrogi to the stage, and we have been in a good relationship ever since. It was an incredible experience. He danced without words. Mint Fred Astaire! Maybe even better, ”began Attila Kökény to Bors, for whom it was natural that the current jubilee concert could not pass without Süsü’s Hungarian voice.

According to Attila Kökény, Gyula Bodrogi says so
dances at the age of 88 as Fred AstairePhoto: Metropol / Gábor Markovics

“Now, when I approached Uncle Gyula with the invitation, then he jumped into my arms and immediately asked,“ Are we going to sing the same as we did last time? two lines each? ” I don’t understand how you remember that after so much time ?! I often don’t even know who I’m dueting with, let alone the division we’re singing into. And he’s 88 years old. Brilliant mind of the old man! I hope I will have plenty of opportunities to work with him ”- Attila Kökény told our newspaper, who is already sitting on needles waiting for next Saturday.

“I don’t have anything else in my head anymore, I just focus on making everything there as perfect as possible. In addition to a lot of rehearsals and rehearsals, I sing at home so I prepare, but luckily my family tolerates a lot of music, ”said Attila, who is especially happy that almost all tickets to the double concert have been sold out.

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Besides Gyula Bodrogi Margit Bangó, Zoltán Bereczki, Jennifer Mága and Zoltán Mága, Gigi Radics, Nikolas Takács, Reni Tolvai, Cini Zalatnay, Zséda and the son of the musician, Blackberry Lalika will also duet with Attila.

“One of the biggest challenges of my life is no wonder the pressure is high,” the singer added with excitement in her voice.