The old woman only eats dumplings and vegetables. When he died, he knew that he had 5 million cash in the house. The more he knew the source of the money, the sadder it was.

Sadly, the old woman only eats dumplings and vegetables. died alone Found in the house with 5 million cash, but refused to use it because an important person brought it for him.

The story of a woman who died of old age. without a husband and children by his side So the neighbor took on the task of helping with the funeral. And manage various matters and was shocked when he came to pack the house and found 5 bags inside filled with cash.

according to the report found In November 2018, six employees of a bank in Guangxi Province, China, were given special assignments by supervisors. Send them to a remote village to count.
amount of money found by the villagers

Upon arriving, I was shocked to see that it was an old house full of cream. Inside it was dark and moldy. There shouldn’t be any valuables inside. There were only 5 bags placed in the middle of the house. When it opened, they were even more shocked. When he found that the inside was filled with large amounts of cash From 1 cent coins to 100 yuan bills, all crumpled but still usable. After more than three hours of counting, the staff had collected a total of 970,000 yuan (about 1.8 million U.S. dollars).

The owner of the house was a woman whom the villagers called “Aunt Wong” according to neighbors. Aunt Wong rarely goes out to interact with the people around her. Talk to anyone no more than 3 sentences, it seems that there is a private world. She’s always alone in the quiet of the house. No relatives or friends live nearby.

Aunt Wong’s house was always flickering. Like on the table only dumplings and pickles. without any meat She was wearing torn clothes. Before, the neighbors were sympathetic. often help with food and clothing but she always refused While the local government tried to help her. with financial support But only some

When Aunt Wong is sick She refused to go to the hospital for examination. until she fainted in the middle of the house A neighbor took her to the emergency room. At that time, if the neighbors had not found her, she might have died. But when she woke up, she insisted on going home again. saying that she did not want to be taken care of And in the end, everyone had to bring her back to her old dilapidated house.

So when Aunt Wong died and found a lot of money stored in the house So many people have a question. Poor and thrifty like Aunt Wong How can you save so much money? And when she has a lot of money Why did she have to live such a miserable life? Until she found the answer from 2 cardboard boxes in her own house. The inside contained a well-preserved letter. It shows how much you cherish these letters. It was a correspondence between Aunt Wong and her husband.

Back in 1934, the year Napa Wong was born. During the war her family was very poor. The birth of this daughter made her parents even more depressed. because they want
son always As the family’s third daughter Aunt Wong had to earn a living since she was young. no food to eat not enough clothes unable to go to school And his parents always loved his younger brother.

Growing up, Aunt Wong was paired with her husband. The couple married in 1954 and lived in Pingxiang. Fortunately, this husband treated her gently. Both of them worked diligently in hopes of having a good future. Shortly thereafter, she became pregnant. with the idea that having children will make the family happier But since she gave birth to two daughters, her husband’s family rejected it very well. Even so, her husband is always there to take care of her and her children, loving her and her children fully.

However, one day the daughter complained to Aunt Wong that she had a stomach ache. At first she thought the baby was just diarrhea. So I went to buy medicine to eat as usual. unexpectedly suddenly The situation took a turn for the worse. By the time the child was taken to the hospital, it was already too late. Aunt Wong did not want to believe this fact. She cried and fainted at the loss of her child. She was in a deep state of grief. Fortunately, another husband and daughter took care of him until he recovered. At that time, Aunt Wong was determined to give all her love and care to this daughter. To make up for all the regrets

Unfortunately, the tragedy repeated itself once more. The little daughter also passed away, as did her sister. Aunt Wong constantly suffers from the pain of losing her child. I even thought of ending my own life. But her husband’s words made her come to her senses. He said he was just as sorry. together with the loss of a child but if he is also selfish His wife will have no one left in the world.

a few years later Husband decided to find a job at a quarry. in the hope that it will help his wife to have a better life Although the work was hard and dangerous. But he received a high salary every month he received money. He would immediately send it back to Aunt Wong. In the years that followed, the two could only communicate through letters. Those sweet, loving words brought some comfort to both of them. Until one day Aunt Wong did not receive a letter from her husband as usual. She had a foreboding that something bad was about to happen. And it really is. The next day she received news that her husband had been buried in the collapsed mine.

Losing the most important things in life one by one Aunt Wong also lost her soul. She never had a smile again. And even death doesn’t care anymore. As for the money that her husband had sent, she did not use it. Because every time she sees it, she remembers her husband. So she put them in five bags and kept them at home. Every day she only ate the same food. Live like you’re a shadow

In 2018, Aunt Wong passed away peacefully due to illness. when packing for her funeral Neighbors discovered this fact. because she had no relatives left A large amount of the money was then contributed to the local social security fund.